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springing forward…

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

It’s been two steps forward and a few back for almost seven years now.  A couple of weeks ago Izzy was having hard days at school, crying and uncomfortable for an unknown reason.  Then last week she had a great week making progress in the dynamic stander.  I received texted pics of her two days in a row standing.  Standing may seem like such a small ordinary accomplishment, but it is something we have been working towards for so long… for her to stand again.  Last year standing became close to impossible with painful hips and feet that just would not flatten enough to support her weight.  After such a long summer, two new hips, and tendon releases in her heel cords standing became again something to work towards.  Standing is so important for her whole core.  It helps her feet, muscles in her legs, her hips and her head control.  So it’s true she started standing on a very tilted table at the beginning of the school year, and it has taken months to get to a completely upright position, but she is upright now… STANDING.  Camilla, P.T., Melanie, and Michele have been there working so hard all year to help her comfortable achieve this goal.  This is not the end of goals, only the beginning!  Now we are praying for her to initiate steps when she is comfortably standing.  Even though it is close to seven years of many of the same issues and battles we are still in the fight and have not lost any of the persistent faith we began with.

Emelia celebrated her 13th birthday Sunday, March 13th.  We had a sleepover… four girls… lots of snacks… movies… cake… dancing… nails… silliness!  and then woke up and went to see Little Red Riding Hood in bricktown.  We walked to have pizza and then for Starbucks.  It was a fun day for Emelia, she said more than once it was her best birthday ever.  She asked for (and received) a new bike for her birthday and has been really enjoying riding it since.

Bailey finished the play GREASE.  He did such a great job as the nerd, “Eugene.”  I can’t count the people who have told me how good they thought he did.  I was really proud of him, but more than that just enjoyed watching him act so nerdy!  I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.

Amanda is spending spring break on a mission trip to New Orleans.  She’s planning to come home for a day or two before school starts again on Monday.  Most of our communication is done by text messages.  She is so busy this year in class, working and being a chi alpha leader.   She texted this pic of her and Melissa (Lorenzo’s sister) hanging out in New Orleans yesterday…