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Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Izzy is having a great week… I got a text from Camilla Tuesday (13 today!! Totally upright!! No complaints AT ALL!! Sooo good!! Had to match that dollar in her hand!!) and this picture…


Slow and steady has been the pace for standing this year at school.  Last year it was almost not possible, with the tightened ankle tendons and unstable hips.  We were all excited to start a new year with flat feet and new hips.  No one was more cautious than Camilla when beginning to work the new hips.  Aware of problems that could occur, it has been done with Izzy’s comfort in mind.  I love Camilla, Izzy loves Camilla and more importantly I trust her completely with Isabelle.  So to finally be in a totally upright position is really an accomplishment!  Today Melanie texted another picture showing Izzy at a level 14 in the stander!


Matt gave Isabelle five one dollar bills last night and she was hesitant to let me pry them from her fingers to put them in her purse.  I am amazed that dollars are such a motivator for her.  So… the plan is after a completely successful week in this stander to move to a different stander and to the kid walk.  She is able to rest a little on the kid walk and because we want all her weight on the hips and legs that is going to come last.  I can’t begin to describe how hard Izzy works, and how smart she really is.  I also can’t begin to describe the patience Melanie has to do her classwork with her, waiting many seconds between each answer and letting Isabelle answer in her own time and way.  Amazing to have Camilla and Melanie.

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

It’s 2011!

Christmas was fun… busy… exhausting…

kids 2010 2

Melanie planned a super fun party for Izzy’s class (all three of them) the day before Christmas break began.  There were chicken races, wreath decorating contests, snowball (aka saran wrapped marshmallows) fights and snacks.  So much fun!  Here we are at school covered in party loot!


Amanda came home for the break and we all enjoyed the week at home before making the Christmas rounds!  We sang along with glee cd  all the way to Bethany Christmas Eve… had fun watching the kids play pool at Ginger’s house… had Christmas lunch at home with gram, john, jane ann, jane ellen & ron… went to my brother mike’s house for Christmas dinner where the evening ended with fun games!

Izzy and I didn’t stay for the games at Mike’s house.  She was Christmas’d out!


Sunday we snuggled in and rested all day!

The BEST thing about Christmas was the time with family and begin together… Jesus being the reason for the Christmas season of course!

The kids have enjoyed the week after Christmas… Amanda went to SALT (chi alpha retreat in Dallas), Emelia went to a fun overnight bday party in bricktown… Bailey and I spent the day at the mall together… Izzy is loving her twinkle turtle and was ready to get back to school!

New Year’s Eve was mildly uneventful… Me and Melody had a late (but very delicious) lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! and then walked around Penn Square Mall until they closed at 6:00 p.m.

No NY’s resolutions for me… last year I joined the gym in January and have been happy to go at least three mornings a week all year.  I feel fit and healthy!  I also started reading the bible in 90 days about 87 days ago… so I’ll complete that in a few days.  I plan to do a chronological reading next.  I have enjoyed reading first thing in the morning every day.  Puts the day into perspective.  Some friends have mentioned resolutions like getting fit, or being a better wife or mother which are all great goals, but I am just going to enjoy 2011 as much as possible and enjoy the blessings all around me because there are many many many to count!

Happy New Year!