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Here’s the whole group…  This picture is taken at the lodge at Suncadia.  The view out the window behind us was spectacular!  It was an instant bonding session with all 11 of them.  The life we now have is so similar and unless you live it, you can’t really understand it.


We’re eating lunch here, or getting ready to eat lunch… Such a fun day!


Tiffany placed the lei pictured around my neck followed by a farewell hug right before I left.  I was so sad to be saying goodbye… Funny how a token can mean so much.  Izzy’s little friend at school (Grace) gave her a water globe she made for her.  It was a kit she was given for her birthday and wanted to make it for Izzy.  It is orange and she shaped letters to spell I Z Z Y inside the water dome.   It was so sweet.

Izzy has been having a good week at school.  My absence last weekend didn’t seem to affect her at all, which is good.  I think Princess (the dog) is the only one who REALLY missed me. Ha!  She has not left my side since I got home.

me and izzy

I love her!  Such a sweetie.  Don’t we look tired?  I think it will take a month to get back to normal!

Bailey went to another drama competition for a duet last weekend while I was gone.  He and his partner placed second which takes them to regionals.  I have been searching for dress pants long enough for him.  He is officially TALL!  We had to retire all jeans not longer than 34″!  Finding 36 or 38 inseams is difficult!  I have been to several stores trying to find pants this week with NO LUCK 🙁 .  I had his dress clothes ready for him when I left for the weekend and Matt called Saturday to tell me I needed to replace them! HA .  Poor guy.   Short people say we are lucky to be tall, but you can’t add material on… you can hem.  I am not complaining, being 6’1″ is great.

Emelia is a MESS!  She has been having conversations about buying stocks (she is 12!) with her history teacher and now has arranged a meeting with someone (with parental supervision of course) that the teacher knows to spend some of her babysitting reward money on stocks.  I don’t think the amount of money she has will buy much, (LOL), but she is sure getting an early start with a small amount will be good.  Matt pays her one dollar to debate current events in class.  He really shouldn’t encourage her.  🙂

Amanda is so busy with school and activities we rarely see her.  She is planning a birthday party for Lorenzo this weekend at her house.  Tomorrow night they are having an 80’s skate party.  She called to ask if I had any old 80’s clothes…. I said, “I just cleaned out my closet, I barely have any 2009 clothes.”  HA.

I was shocked to realize next week is thanksgiving!  Which means only a month until Christmas!  Izzy is usually the hardest to find gifts for that I think would be good, so I’ve been watching for things and have ordered her presents!  That’s one down… I would be panicked about it but I usually don’t get busy shopping until after Thanksgiving.  I have Amanda’s list and Bailey is working on his… Emelia only wants an IPHONE.  I told her there was a 12% chance she would get it but I don’t think it will happen.  If I had an upgrade available it might work, but I don’t so I doubt it will.

I would post a pic of the turkey cookie creation Izzy made at school today with Michele and Melanie, but right when we walked in the door Emelia asked if she could eat it and Izzy’s yes hand went up instantly.  She was happy to share.  I walked into her classroom and found her with a chocolate mouth from frosting so I guess she had her fill.

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What a beautiful group of ladies. So glad your trip was good. Give Izzy Bear a hug from me.

Hugs to you too,

Kat’s last blog post..WARMTH

Kat wrote on November 19, 2010 - 12:11 am

1) gorgeous group
2) i swear you get YOUNGER looking as the years go by
3) you blogged at the perfect time!

dena wrote on November 20, 2010 - 10:45 pm
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