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I decided to do a semi fast recap on the weekend… because I want to remember it for a long time!  It was such a fast paced fun weekend.

I left Friday night around 8 p.m… the first flight to Denver was such a little plane that I was nervous!  I think there may have been 20 people on the completely full little plane.  An interesting older lady sat beside me and talked non-stop.  I was actually happy to have the distraction from the bumps in the air.  She had a lot of stories to tell… she was from San Diego, had a 7 bedroom, 4 kitchen house that she rented out rooms, her husband is a pilot, and her son has a traumatic brain injury.  I had a two hour layover in Denver and then happily boarded a much larger plane to get to Seattle.  I was so excited there was no way I could nap!  We landed at close to 1 a.m. and Sue’s friend Lori picked me up in front of the airport.  She was sweet to text her pic to me so I knew her right away.  We chatted the long 1.5 hour drive to Suncadia.  She was such a nice lady!  The house looked so dark I assumed everyone was sleeping (I was the last to arrive at 2 a.m.).  First I saw Sue and then Tiffany!  It was so overwhelming to meet these two, after more than six years.

Saturday morning we all had plans to head into Seattle for a day of fun!  Here’s the group before heading out.


We started the day off at Ivar’s


There were crazy seagulls outside that snatched food out of people’s hands!  It was a fun and chilly lunch.  We then headed to the market.


I got to see the fish throwers in person :)…. and see a lot of interesting things like beautiful flower bouquets made of cabbages.


Next we drove to the space needle.  A quick elevator ride brought us to the top where we all walked around and looked at the gorgeous views of Seattle.  It is such a pretty city.


We rode the monorail to downtown Seattle and had Starbucks and shopped… Tiffany and I headed over to Cheesecake Factory early to sit down.  The others joined us for dinner at 7 p.m.  It was a fun evening visiting with Tiffany, Jill and Peggy during dinner.  I don’t think anyone could find room for their cheesecake.  I took a yummy piece of pumpkin back to the house.

We were all ready for the hot tub after being cold all day.  When we got in the temp wasn’t much warmer than a warm bath, so we all tried to adjust the temp and waited for the water to warm up for about two hours!  We had so much fun talking and laughing.

Sunday morning I went into town with Tiffany, Joanna, Teresa, Sabine and Kehau.  We went to the sweetest little non-denom church in Cle Elum.  It reminded me of what the church in Mitford may be like.  Such a neat little town and interesting people.  The music was folky and the songs were very appropriate for our journey.  I’m not sure which was more touching… sitting in service with my friend Tiffany; the words of the songs that just “fit”, or just being in church after two nights of almost no sleep making everything a little amplified.

We took a brisk walk in the beautiful mountains of Suncadia to the lodge and then to the winery.


Such beautiful views every direction!  We decided to have a snack at the winery in their restaurant.  It was so pretty and cozy.  I had a spinach salad and mushroom soup with truffle oil.  Yummy!

We walked back to the house and all gathered around and talked about what therapies we thought had been most productive for our children.  The group has always been a wealth of information and I really listened to all of the information.

Sue had planned for us to play bunco after dinner.  By this time I was getting a little loopy from lack of sleep, but also knew I had to stay up all night to start home.  Bunco was hilarious.  I was confused the whole time but somehow came out the winner!  Ha.  You switch partners constantly and I really enjoyed laughing with everyone.  It was a blast.  I had to start trying to get my bags packed.  Not an easy task!

Several of us gathered for some time of prayer late Sunday night.  It was profound to be in a group of ladies who were walking the same path and knew the road.  I knew time was ticking away and was already sad to be saying goodbye to this group.

Tiffany brought in a lei and placed it around my neck… to say aloha or goodbye.

Sue’s friend Yoli (who stayed the weekend and helped out with food etc.) took me to the airport at 2:30 a.m.!  It was a crazy drive through the pass which was snowy, windy, and completely foggy!  I fought to stay awake and felt like a zombie walking through the airport!  I had put a gift bag of goodies from Sue in my carry on not realizing it had liquid things like lotion… and forgot to remove my hand gel and lotion from my purse and laptop bag.  Let’s just say the security group wasn’t pleased.  After four runs through the line I finally got clearance.  Yikes!  If I hadn’t been so sleepy I may have been nervous 😉 …  I slept a few minutes but woke up to turbulence and stayed awake until we landed in Denver… then again couldn’t sleep on the next leg of the flight.  By the time I got to OKC I stumbled out to the car and just kinda fell in while Matt loaded my luggage.  HA.

I am so glad I didn’t miss this weekend!  But I am thankful for…

Matt… who stepped up to take care of Isabelle for the weekend and practiced feeding her leading up to it.  He learned how to vacuum and run the dishwasher!  He even raked the leaves out of my flower bed.

Emelia… who fed Izzy and fixed her hair and played makeover and was a mini me the whole weekend.  She did a great job and I am proud of her!

John and Paula… who shared their United cash to help with my flight.

Mom… who cooked special food for Matt and Emelia.  She brought them any and everything they requested.

Sue… a fellow ND mom who had the idea for a retreat and planned it so well!  She put so much into the retreat and making it so special!

The people who donated food and money to Sue to make the retreat possible.

Tiffany… another fellow ND mom who offered the use of her vacation home in Seattle for us to meet.  Such a beautiful place to stay!

Melanie and Michele… Izzy’s teacher and para who offered to feed Izzy if there were problems.

Ruby… who brought dinner over while I was gone, just because she wanted to.

You… who prayed for my safety and for the trip!

Thank you all!

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I’m so glad you had the opportunity to make the trip and that you had fun.


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Kat wrote on November 16, 2010 - 11:00 pm

I am so glad you got away and had a great time!!!

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