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I mentioned in my last post that Melanie (izzy’s teacher) has been working with Isabelle for a few days to determine what AR books to check out and then take tests for AR points.  Last week Iz (using her hands) answered all 25 questions in the time given missing three.

Yesterday they checked out a book and Melanie read the book to Izzy.  She then pulled up the AR test on the computer and began reading the questions.  Izzy started “talking” and all their answers were wrong.  Soon Melanie realized she had pulled up the wrong test and Izzy was trying to let her know about it!  They pulled up the right test and Izzy made a 100%!  She’s such a little smartie 🙂 .

We are working to get her heel well, using foot bath and betadine.  It is looking a little better but we are still being very careful.

Camilla is working on getting her legs straightened out again after cast.  She is doing well relaxing and straightening.  We are hopeful that it will all come together soon (straight legs, well heel etc.) and she will be able to get up standing.

Looks like I am going to go to Seattle in November! Yay!  So excited and nervous too…  I can’t wait to meet Sue and Tiffany!

Bailey is busy with drama, they are working on their one act.  Choctaw High School drama dept. has won state almost every year on the one act so they are pretty intense.  I am glad that he enjoys it so much.

Emelia is football manager/water girl for the 7th grade boys.  She stays after school everyday helping out.

Amanda is getting adjusted to new job on OU campus, new classes, and new home.  She hasn’t been home since she moved in.  We miss her!  She is so busy!  She has several girls recruited this year and is a chi alpha leader.  I know she is having a good time and working so hard.  She mentioned that medical vocabulary was really hard.  She had done five of fifty questions and it took 2 hours!  Lots of studying!

I visited her last Friday … we had lunch at Victoria’s… love that place!


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Hi Annie! I’ve just read your three most recent posts, and it’s so good to learn how everyone is doing!

I’m so happy for you that you get to go to the retreat in Seattle!

How fun that you went to lunch with Amanda! Sounds like she’s doing great!

I’m glad Bailey is enjoying drama so much!

How fun for Emelia, managing the football team and all! I bet the boys love her, especially when she keeps them from dying of thirst!

It’s wonderful how Izzy has progressed. So many blessings! I just love AR…and she is doing fantastic at it!

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Nancy Face wrote on September 2, 2010 - 9:56 pm

Oh, I almost forgot – I’m not on facebook. I just really like the blog, and I don’t want to do anything extra! 🙂

Nancy Face’s last blog post..Hodgepodge of happiness!

Nancy Face wrote on September 2, 2010 - 9:57 pm

So glad to hear Izzy is doing well! A football manager eh, how fun for her! I wish Trent would get involved with the drama at school, he would be so good at it! Lunch with Amanda, fun for you and her!

So glad you get to go to Seattle!!

I’ve tagged you in a post, come and see!

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