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Wow! What a Summer!  It is crazy to look back at the last few months … all the good and bad days we’ve had and just to know we made it out alive is amazing! Ha.  The true ending seemed to happen when Dr. Herndon said the hips looked great, done, amazing, etc.  While Izzy is still having times of discomfort and soreness, her hips are fixed and her feet are flat.


The second goodbye to Summer was beginning a new school year.  Bailey and Emelia started school on Tuesday, and are doing great so far.  Izzy started school Thursday and had a good first day.  She made it through the entire day without tears.  She actually was very happy when I took her into her class and squealed joyfully throughout the day.  Izzy is funny in that she can’t sleep when she is very excited.  The night before surgery she was awake all night, also the night before cast removal… and then Wednesday night, before her first day of second grade she was awake most of the night.

1st day 2nd grade

Emelia is working hard after school as the football manager/water girl.  She comes home exhausted but I think it’s good for her.  We initially wanted to transfer her to the middle school by Izzy’s school, but they were full so that didn’t happen.  She was so disappointed, but got it together and has made the best of NPMS.  Bailey is throwing himself into drama.  They are already preparing auditions for the first one act play.  It’s a big deal because Choctaw has won big awards for years.  He sat reviewing the script for hours last night.

Amanda is in Norman, in her house with her friends.  She’s been helping Freshmen move in this week with her Chi Alpha group.  She is tired too, she texted me a picture of her blistered foot last night.  Ouch!  Class will start next week for her and she got a job on campus so she’s all set!

Some of the mothers of children who have had near drowning accidents like Isabelle are planning a mother’s getaway in November… in Seattle… without children!  Abbie’s mom from Hawaii will be there, she talked me through so much of this hip surgery because they had been through it a year before us.  Sue is Luke’s mom and is doing most of the coordinating of the retreat.  She and I have been in contact through email and facebook for years.  I would love to meet these fellow moms face to face and spend some time with them.   I haven’t exactly figured out if I can go yet… there are a lot issues, the biggest being I am the sole feeder of Iz.  I’m praying there will be a way to make it work.  Sue has planned it so that the main expenses are only airfare and a day trip to Seattle.  I think it would be amazing to go!

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Such a great report Annie. Especially wonderful about Izzy’s surgery being a success. I pray that God will work things out where you can attend the meeting in Seattle.

Susan – Penless Writer’s last blog post..SPIRITUAL SUNDAYS 2010 #9 – The Vine

Susan – Penless Writer wrote on August 20, 2010 - 3:09 pm

Can’t say it enough, I hope, hope, hope you will be able to make it to WA in November. I am praying that all the details will come together. Have you started training someone to feed Izzy yet? I’m praying that the perfect person will volunteer to feed her so that you will be able to come with perfect peace in knowing that Izzy will be well taken care of.

I’m so glad that you difficult summer is over, I hope and pray that you are finding some time to go out and do some things that you enjoy doing know that Izzy is in school again. It’s so wonderful to hear about how much she likes going to school, I’m sure that makes it so easy to send her each day.

Love in Christ,

Suzi Searles’s last blog post..Have you ever told yourself, you just can’t do “this” anymore?? Don’t believe this lie.

Suzi Searles wrote on August 22, 2010 - 2:34 am
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