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ready to spank this summer and put it to bed :P!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

So…  the title pretty much says it all.  This Summer has not been one I will remember fondly…  From surgery to the huge honker cast… from broken dishwasher, cars, phones, modems etc.  to new needs for remodels that I’m not ready for to sending Amanda back to Norman and trying to figure out all the necessities and logistics not to mention the crying and screaming post cast when I move Iz.  Good times.

I can’t complain, don’t want to grumble… refuse to wallow… but so ready to move on!!!

Getting ready for Isabelle’s eighth birthday next Tuesday, the 26th and Amanda’s TWENTIETH birthday the 28th.  Yikes.  I won’t mention my upcoming age marker.  Blah :).  Trying to decide how exactly to celebrate.  Isabelle is so aware of life around her so I do want to have  a celebration for her, as her life is so very special and she is such a special little girl… and then of course sweet Amanda makes us so proud with her character, goals and the way she lives life.

It’s been HOT.  Like humid hot!  Our garden has been hanging on and I feel like my daily waterings are like life support.

The gym is hot and my fitness plan is a flop.  Ha.  I am doing a weight tracker/food tracker app on my phone and saw today I am 1.4 pounds up.  Oh well, it could be worse.  Muscles are heavy right?  I think I’ve used that excuse already.

I saw an old Zig Zigler video someone posted on FB and was reminded that there are always more positives than negatives if you start making a list…  Some positives I can list are:

We are finished with the cast.

We passed the two week point yesterday so Izzy should start feeling better.

The kids are ALL healthy & happy!

God loves me 🙂

Okay…. I’m off to the gym to gain some more weight. Ha!