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ready to spank this summer and put it to bed :P!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

So…  the title pretty much says it all.  This Summer has not been one I will remember fondly…  From surgery to the huge honker cast… from broken dishwasher, cars, phones, modems etc.  to new needs for remodels that I’m not ready for to sending Amanda back to Norman and trying to figure out all the necessities and logistics not to mention the crying and screaming post cast when I move Iz.  Good times.

I can’t complain, don’t want to grumble… refuse to wallow… but so ready to move on!!!

Getting ready for Isabelle’s eighth birthday next Tuesday, the 26th and Amanda’s TWENTIETH birthday the 28th.  Yikes.  I won’t mention my upcoming age marker.  Blah :).  Trying to decide how exactly to celebrate.  Isabelle is so aware of life around her so I do want to have  a celebration for her, as her life is so very special and she is such a special little girl… and then of course sweet Amanda makes us so proud with her character, goals and the way she lives life.

It’s been HOT.  Like humid hot!  Our garden has been hanging on and I feel like my daily waterings are like life support.

The gym is hot and my fitness plan is a flop.  Ha.  I am doing a weight tracker/food tracker app on my phone and saw today I am 1.4 pounds up.  Oh well, it could be worse.  Muscles are heavy right?  I think I’ve used that excuse already.

I saw an old Zig Zigler video someone posted on FB and was reminded that there are always more positives than negatives if you start making a list…  Some positives I can list are:

We are finished with the cast.

We passed the two week point yesterday so Izzy should start feeling better.

The kids are ALL healthy & happy!

God loves me 🙂

Okay…. I’m off to the gym to gain some more weight. Ha!

bath. finally.

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

This after cast thing has been a challenge.  And that is a huge understatement.  I was concerned initially about seeing all of the actual incision sites on Isabelle after removing the cast, but that has taken a back seat to dealing with her pain issues.  I can’t say I wasn’t warned. And warned again… but you just can’t imagine until it actually happens.  She screams and cries with any movement.  Changing is a huge issue.  Eating has been a lying down event since Wednesday which is hard and getting old for us both.  My first objective post cast was a bath.  She had the cast two days shy of 7 weeks.  The girl was due for a soak!  But after getting her home Wednesday we realized she was on her pallet to stay.  I did move her to bed and then back to the pallet and back to bed etc.  But that’s been the majority of the moving because of the crying.  I have to interject here that Iz is a trooper like no other.  She just doesn’t cry for any reason.  It takes some major discomfort to bring out the crocodile tears which lets me know that she is in major pain when moved.  But today I bit the bullet and put her in the bath.  I lowered her bath chair and filled the big tub up to the top adding the mr. bubbles brought by Melanie.  She cried while being transported (in my arms) to the tub, but once the warm water covered her legs and hips she relaxed.  I was so relieved to get her clean!  It’s the little things…  She cried again when I took her to bed, but has been okay since so I think it was a success. Yay.

My dishwasher stopped working today.  (pause for moment of silence.)

I’m leaving you with a pic of the bath girls…

izzy bath

it is off.

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

cast off day


Seems like yesterday we were preparing to go to Children’s Hospital to have Izzy’s surgery and now, almost 7 weeks later we are seeing what has been beneath those casts for so long.  Whew… what a day!   We should have expected the craziness of the appointments this morning.  We were supposed to get the cast off in the orthotics dept. but they sent us to the surgeon’s office along with an email to someone’s manager about the whole thing. Ha.  Not sure what the confusion was but it took forever to get the cast off and x-rays taken.  They left her in the bottom half of the cast for about two hours while we did x-rays and then visited with Dr. Herndon and finally the orthotist. 

cast off


So happy that her splints we had made several months ago were good, so no more casts!   The orthotist said the cast was the cleanest he had ever seen and that she handled the removal better than anyone ever.  Sadly the day went down from there…

The drive home was not fun.  Izzy had to bend places that had not bent in so long that she cried and cried.  When we got home and in she cried and cried for hours and hours!  I am dying to get her in the bathtub but I haven’t been able to move her at all without screaming.  I have decided to wait to see what tomorrow brings.  I even fed her lying down because when I tried to sit her up to eat her lunch she cried so hard we had to give up.  She is such a trooper I know that for her to react the way she is it hurts really bad.

Melanie was so sweet to drop off a party in a bag for her while we were at the dr. office.  She included balloons and streamers that nini and amanda decorated the den with.  She had party poppers and mr. bubble for that bath we are waiting for. . . the cutest rings and a sweet little bag perfect for storing all her bracelets.  So much cuteness.