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em and iz

I know izzy is ready to have that cast off!  We are all ready to say goodbye to the huge orange cast.  We go to have it taken off in one week.  Hopefully the splints that the orthotist made in Dec 09 will be the right fit and we won’t have to have her feet recasted to wait for new splints to be made.  Either way it will be fine.  I am really anxious to get her in the bath and scrub her 🙂 … I can see the scars/incision areas in her inner thighs now and at first it really kinda freaked me out.  I had a text conversation with Camilla about it and she reminded me that instead of being upset about all the scars/incisions that it is just a reminder of how strong Isabelle is and how great a healer God is.  (paraphrased…I’m sure she said it better, but I would have to go back about a weeks worth of texts to find it which would take forever…).  Anyway, I was thankful for her words of wisdom. 

sleeping izbw

Mom came this morning and read with Izzy while I went to the gym.  It was a quiet evening with Amanda and Bailey both working and Emelia helping with VBS.  

I picked tomatoes, eggplant and summer squash today from our garden.  I added the eggplant and squash into tonight’s stir fry along with some green peppers and zucchini from dad’s garden.  It was tasty 🙂 . 

I need a vacation :).  Seriously.

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Yay for only one week left! What a relief that will be for both of you!

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Kahri wrote on July 1, 2010 - 6:32 am

Stopping by to say hello…Hope all is going well on your end 🙂

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