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two weeks.

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

mel and iz

We passed the two week point yesterday!  Isabelle will have had her cast for five weeks tomorrow.  What a way to spend the Summer, right?  She has spent the five weeks inside, keeping her as cool as possible.  Thank goodness for disney channel and books. 

Yesterday Melanie came to visit.  I had Izzy propped up to eat when she arrived and after a while of visiting noticed she was getting uncomfortable so let her lie down again.  I was sitting beside her and she was fussy, I pretty much knew she wanted Melanie sitting beside her to talk to her.  Isabelle listened to her closely while she told her about having a cast when she was little and about the turtle in her yard. 🙂  ….  Melanie brought Izzy a huge orange flower that is “stunning!”  I think orange is growing on me.