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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

matt iz dr

Yesterday was our 2 week follow up and x-ray appt. with Dr. Herndon.  Dr. H was very friendly and “jolly” this visit.  It was worth the drive to the hospital just to have him say that the incision area in her inner thighs that is becoming visible with the reduced swelling is looking normal.  He said it looks perfect, while plucking out gauze.  Blech.  I was thinking this morning it’s a good thing all her incisions are under the casts, it would be pretty overwhelming to see it all at once.  Just catching a glimpse while changing her is enough.  Anyway, he said that area looked, “perfect,” and that we would need x-rays to make sure the hips were in the right place.  Matt asked if they weren’t what would happen and he said it would be another surgery, starting over.  I honestly didn’t think this was going to be an issue, but the thirty minutes it took to take the x-rays and then have him come to reveal the results seemed to drag.  He came in and said it looked perfect and then took us to his office to look at the images on his computer.  He showed us the before images and then the after.  He seemed very pleased with the after.  If the orthopedic surgeon is happy, I’m happy. 

She is such a trooper!  The ride to the hospital was without incident unlike our first trip home from the hospital.  Matt had getting in and out of the car mastered.  Feet in first, out last.  She didn’t get stuck once.  Ha!  When she realized we were at the hospital she started fussing and then fussed more when the dr. came into the room.  What seven year old in her position wouldn’t fuss? 

July 7 is THE date.  Cast off!  The dr. said this is another tough time.  He said to expect her to be upset for a while.  I told Matt I’ve learned to expect the best case scenerio with Izzy.  She always handles things better than most.  Like eating, the dr. said eating was a real problem after the surgery but Izzy has been on schedule with all her food since we’ve been home.  She’s been off the Lortab three days now.  Ibuprophen seems to be enough to keep her comfortable and when she is fussy or crying I remember I would be too if in that CAST!  She’s a tough little girl!