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princess on cast

Princess sleeping on izzy’s cast…

I keep thinking, “a week ago we were…”  Like now, a week ago we were trying to go to sleep on the pull out couchish thing in izzy’s hospital room.  Her catheter had just been removed and we were wondering how the night would go.  So glad we are home.  When last Saturday went so wrong it made us wonder if our worst fears would come true and we would be held captive at the prison hospital.  So thankful God was with Izzy, with us all really.  Home Monday as scheduled.  It’s hard not to be intimidated by the huge orange cast… or how to handle sweet Iz in the huge orange cast.  There has been swelling in areas that you wouldn’t expect… and days so calm you have to be concerned and then days she is so unsettled it is tense for all.  Yesterday (Saturday) was a tense day.  From beginning to end Izzy was uncomfortable and let us know.  She pretty much cried or moaned all day.  Terrible.  We tried all the meds prescribed as much as we could and it just didn’t seem to help much at all.  I decided today to try to not use the lortab, it makes me feel horrible, so maybe that was the problem?  That’s one of the toughest things with Iz, she has not problem communicating what she feels to me, just hard to know what is causing it!  Today she had the minimum dose of lortab only one time. 

Paula (matt’s mom) sent a box of shower cap hair shampooing thingy’s.  Emelia tried it out on Iz this morning.  It seemed to work and we gave her a nice wash down.  She seemed to enjoy it except the part where Emelia worked on combing her hair. 

Matt has been off work since the surgery day, and will go back tuesday since tomorrow is a holiday.  He did the moving of iz the first day or two but has stepped back so I can get used to doing it while he is away.  It was nice to have a helper… and he’s made breakfast for us everyday!  Yes, Matt has been cooking.  Weird.  The kids all get up when they hear him cooking, and it is really nice to all have breakfast together. 

Wednesday we go back the the doctor’s office.  They are doing xrays to make sure all is well.  That should be an interesting day.  Hopefully we won’t get Iz stuck in or half way out of the car this time.  We have a plan 🙂 …

I mentioned before that Izzy’s teacher Melanie, past teacher Barbara Shafer, and pt Camilla came by last week.  They are all so sweet and helpful.  Melanie  dropped off some things later this week that Izzy used at school and Camilla called our equipment people to see about a loaner reclining wheelchair after she heard about our rented wheelchair fiasco.  I also have to brag on Melanie… she made a bag of snacks for me to take to the hospital, it was perfect.  From raw almonds to antibacterial wipes and kleenex, just perfect.  Matt and Emelia found it while I was out of the room and even Matt said what a great bag of snacks.

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I’ve been thinking of you and Izzy Bear. I hope each day gets a little better.

How long does she have to wear the cast?

Happy Memorial Day.


Kat’s last blog post..LET’S HOPE THERE ISN’T A 9TH!

Kat wrote on May 31, 2010 - 12:00 am

You are amazing, Annie.

Hugs to all of you. I hope the weeks go by quickly and that Izzy isn’t in too much pain.

yvonne’s last blog post..Already???

yvonne wrote on May 31, 2010 - 6:13 am

I continue to pray for you and of course for sweet Izzy. I pray that as Matt goes back to work tomorrow that you will find the supernatural strength from God to take care of all Izzy’s needs.

We check into the Hospital tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. for a 24 hour EEG, not looking forward to the stay overnight, it’s been over a year since we’ve been there. I keep hoping that I’m not opening a can of worms taking him in. Battling with some fear that I know is not of God, I know you can relate to those feelings all to well.


Suzi Searles’s last blog post..Bad news, more kind of bad news, good news and some kind of good news

Suzi Searles wrote on June 1, 2010 - 12:26 am
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