school’s out … for summer.


This is day three at home.  First night went pretty well.  Not quite as much sleep last night.  We are learning to handle the cast, hoping it becomes easier when pain isn’t so much a factor in lifting Iz.  I have figured out a way to get her upright enough to feed her… and today she ate what she did before surgery for the first time.  Things are working out.  I worried a little when we first got home because I wasn’t sure where she would be comfortable or how I would get her fed and meds given etc. but decided to take it day by day and it is coming together.  She is quite possibly the toughest little girl I have ever seen!  Amazing. 

Yesterday she had some visitors from school… her teacher Melanie, previous teacher Barbara, and p.t. Camilla came by.  They brought a sweet doll named “princess Isabella.”  Izzy loves these three and although she slept through much of the visit, she enjoyed having them take turns sitting beside her and visiting with her. 

Today was the last day of school… Next year we’ll have a second grader, a 7th grader, and a junior!  Also a sophmore at OU!  So proud of all the kids! 

Happy Summer!!!

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  1. So thankful for the good report.

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