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one more day.

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Isabelle has had a fabulous week, her final week in first grade.  With theme days and crafts galore, she has been smiling and having so much fun.  Monday she came home with monkeys, tuesday was flowers, today she learned about frogs… and saving the best for last, tomorrow is princesses!  I watched her scoot down a fun hill in pt Tuesday afternoon.  She seemed to really enjoy that!  Little daredevil! 

Because she loves to be read to I bought a few new Junie B. Jones (1st grader) books for us to take to the hospital.  I’m not sure if she will feel like being read to or even be really awake while we are there, but we will have junie b. ready.  Mom and I went to the mall and found soft, cute nighties at gymboree and a fun ladybug pillow.  We’re all set.  Almost.

Last minute errands and lists to complete tomorrow then Friday morning we are off!  I imagine we’ll be leaving before 6 a.m. to get all checked in.  It doesn’t seem possible that time has gone by so fast and we are finally here.  I was thankful to have some email conversations with Abbie’s mom, Tiffany.  Abbie had the procedure done about a year ago so her mom gave me some good information. 

So our plan is to have a wonderfully successful surgery with no complications, to go to a normal room and keep her comfortable, and come home Monday without incident.  I know God is bigger than this surgery, bigger than any situation we have so I know it will all be fine.  I also know I am a mom whose heart breaks to think about sending my baby in for such a lengthy ginormous surgery.  I am trusting God to get me past that.