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iz and wy

Izzy with Wynona, Matt’s sister Jane Ann’s latest new fur baby she adopted last week. 

First, I have to brag about my awesome kids! They were so sweet this Mother’s Day. I visited my friend Melody’s house a week or so ago and we sat on her screened in back patio while eating our salads from Jason’s Deli… I noticed her beautiful rose bush and she told me it was Joseph’s coat. I mentioned really liking the color of the roses so Emelia was determined to surprise me with a Joseph’s coat rose bush for Mother’s day. She spent all the money she earned helping papa mow Saturday and then called all over OKC to find somewhere to buy it. Turns out they were pretty popular this year so she ended up finding it at Marcum’s Nursery which wasn’t exactly a close drive. Mom and dad took her to buy the rose bush and she was so excited to surprise me! When mom asked her if she was sad that it took all her money, she said, “NO! I’m just excited to find it.” I thought that was sweet and remembered a year when Amanda was about her age and did the same thing but bought a topiary flower tree that my brown thumb killed… hope I can keep the rose alive. Chances are better for the rose, we have one other rose bush that is blooming now that we’ve had for over 15 years! I told her every year when I cut roses and put them on the kitchen window seal it will be a reminder of her sweet present. Amanda brought a gift certificate to the spa for a pedicure which I will really enjoy! It’s so nice to be remembered on Mother’s day, but the best part is knowing how wonderful each of my children are. They are a blessing!

Bailey is recovering from his oral surgery this past Friday. He had all four wisdom teeth cut out. OUCH. I was amazed at how quickly they did the procedure (about 20 minutes)… but he has been really sore and swollen. I took him soup, ice cream, pudding, and apple juice all day Friday and Saturday he was able to eat some pasta. I am so glad the worst part of it is over.

We now have two employed children! Amanda is employed at Ulta as a makeup artist … She has finals this next week, but will start the job the following week. I think it will be a great part time job for the Summer. She will be taking Zoology this Summer too. Bailey got a job at braums which is only a mile from home! He starts Tuesday. I hope his cheeks are not swollen by Tuesday! 🙂

Izzy had a better week last week, but still very uncomfortable. She’s such a trooper. I am so thankful for Melanie, Michele and Camilla. They work so hard to keep her as comfortable as possible and do as much school work as they can with her. It’s hard to believe we are less than two weeks away from surgery. When I realized it was May last week I felt heavy, like when you put on those lead jackets for x-rays, the weight was just resting on my shoulders, but now I feel better about it and the weight is lifting. I think the hardest part is imagining her body being cut and all that will go along with it, but I am resting in the knowledge that God will be with her and protect her. I think about the Israelites who grumbled and complained for forty years, if they would have just looked to God and praised Him, how long would their time in the desert have been? When I get that black cloud/sad feeling I just say (to myself 🙂 ) … “No, I am looking up, to God. And thanking Him for all the blessings.” This week will be one of preparation for surgery, a few pre-op appts and blood donating by Matt and Amanda for her.

Mother’s Day weekend is ending and it is full of nice memories… I’m so happy to have the best mom!

Tomorrow – the gym to work off all the treats from the weekend (like John’s pasta and the red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory tonight!)

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Wjen I turned my calendar to May the other day I immediately thought “Izzy” is having surgery soon. Still praying, and will continue to do so.

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Susan – Penless Writer wrote on May 10, 2010 - 11:38 am
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