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I went to Izzy’s IEP meeting Thursday.  I admit I dread these meetings because they are usually spent focusing on what Izzy cannot do.  I have to say that with the team we have working with izzy they truly focus on her strengths!  The mood is upbeat and positive.   The reports show that izzy is measuring up to about 1-2 grade level which is right on track, the main problem is getting her body to cooperate with her and getting those answers out.  It is frustrating but I’m thankful that the people that work with her love her and are patient to wait for her to respond.  What would take seconds for another first grader takes so long, but she does know the material and eventually lets you know that she knows 🙂 …  We talked about using some squeeze type yes no switches to get more definitive answers. 

The kids are all doing well… Bailey had his first real date last weekend, Amanda has had a frustrating week at OU, dealing with rudeness etc. but is enrolled for Summer and Fall and doing great, Emelia went to another cake decorating class with nini.  She made a clown cake! (she’s wearing her crazy hat for a church activity).


Matt and I had our first attempt at making seitan (wheat meat) last night.  It was a weak thumbs up.  The end result was definitely meat like, but not quite right.  Tonight we have tried a new recipe and method.  It’s still baking so not sure how it will turn out yet. 

The container/sq. ft. gardening is going well.  We’ve enjoyed lettuce several times and most of the other plants are coming along.  Matt has made flower containers out of tires.  Not an easy task!  Here is a pic of Emelia and Amanda with a couple of his creations.


Today and tomorrow Bailey is at OU for state drama ie competition.  He spent some time with Amanda today, she showed him around.  She sent this picture to my phone when I texted her asking if she had heard from him yet…


I’m not sure what this pose is. LOL.

It’s raining so I decided it was a perfect night to hide away and catch up on tivo. I went into the den to take Izzy to bed and Matt said, “we are watching the star trek movie together.” I started to take her off anyway but asked her if she wanted to finish the movie… the yes hand went up right away so she is having a movie night with dad.  Who would have thought she would like star trek?

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Yay for Izzy in her progress! I am impressed with Emelia’s cake!! Love the flower containers! I would love one like the purple one!

Jodi’s last blog post..Weekend in Review

Jodi wrote on April 19, 2010 - 8:42 am

Nice, newsy, catching up post. Thank you!!!!

Susan – Penless Writer’s last blog post..LAUS DEO – Do you know what it means?

Susan – Penless Writer wrote on April 19, 2010 - 12:06 pm

Emelia’s cake looks great, and her hat is super fun! 🙂

I LOVE those tire flower containers! They are way cool!

I agree with Izzy…Star Trek is fun to watch!

Nancy Face’s last blog post..What’s the Nancy Face been up to?

Nancy Face wrote on May 4, 2010 - 4:37 pm
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