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Thursday, February 25th, 2010


Izzy had a better day today… and yesterday.  I watched her play in the balls with Camilla when I went to pick her up this afternoon.  Camilla loves those balls 🙂 .

I’m pretty pleased with the gym so far.  I went today on my “off” day and did some ab stuff and walked on the treadmill.  Tomorrow is legs.  I hope I continue to enjoy going and see results!

I’ve been counting points too, trying to undo the damage I did over the last month or so “stress eating”…  Tonight I made homemade pizzas.  Mine had artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and calamata olives on it.  It was delicious!  I made sugar free/fat free chocolate fudge jello pudding with fat free whipped topping for dessert.  It seriously does not taste sugar free and doesn’t causeacne.  I am really trying to reduce my sugar intake.  I have been realizing how much sugar I was eating and mostly drinking in COKE.  I am still having my one coke in the morning and then I switch to pepsi one if I want more.  I have been having maybe a half of that a day.  Pepsi one is made with splenda and doesn’t have as much of a bite as some diet drinks… I wish I didn’t like coke so much!

There are rumors that there will be snow tonight!  I am so ready for Spring!