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I met my friend Mendy in Stroud today. She lives in the Tulsa area and we never can get together so she suggested we meet halfway in stroud last month and it worked out so well we decided to make it a monthly date.  Mom went with me and spent the time with my aunt who also lives in Stroud.  They went to lunch while we went to lunch… at different places! Amazingly there are more than two places to eat lunch in Stroud USA.  Mendy and I went to the Rock Cafe on Rt. 66.  I watched the episode of Diners, Drive ins and Dives which featured this restaurant and thought it looked interesting.   I was particularly interested in trying the spaetzle and beignets. They didn’t serve the beignets after 11 a.m. (we arrived at 11:10) … I have to say I was not a bit impressed.  You know the cars movie was influenced or the cafe on the cars movie was … anyway… I doubt we’ll go back there.  The lady who is the owner and was on the diners show brought our drinks and on the friendly scale I would give her a 1.  I gave the cafe a 2 out of 10.   I had to laugh when I went to my aunt’s house to pick up mom, she said none of the locals eat there because it’s not good… just tourists.  LOL.  Lesson learned.

It didn’t matter so much because the main point was to visit face to face with Mendy, my friend since 5th grade!  We never lack conversation!  Mom and Aunt Jean had a great time together too, I felt bad because my aunt (recently widowed) wasn’t ready for us to leave even when I explained I had to be back to get Iz from school. 

The town looks so similar to the way it did forever ago when I stayed with my cousin Janet (Jean’s daughter) in the summers.  We had a blast! Stroud is such a small town with exterior shutters we were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go.  We walked to the pool first thing, home for lunch, back to the pool, home for dinner and then back to swim some more.  I always came home brown!  There were tornados there two times when I was staying.  I remember running for their cellar once and watching the front porch rip off the house and the porch swing twist and fly.  Crazy! 

I loved that the house was almost exactly like when I was a child. The only changes I noticed were technology related… like a flat screen tv and computer.  Other than that I couldn’t see any changes. 

We promised Jean we would be back next month… this time definitely not at the Rock Cafe!  But it was an experience and one I will remember.

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When I was picking a cafe in Stoud to meet Dawn, from CO, at I passed on that one because of the comments in the reviews of people who had eaten there. Glad we did. The Bar-B-Que place we ate at was good.

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