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another licensed driver!

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Bailey took his driving test this morning and got his license!   He was pretty excited!

We celebrated by going to Hideaway Pizza… and then to Mardels for Valentines… and then to Penn Square Mall for some other stuff…

Izzy had a great day … partied in her cute red dress.  Her friend Grace gave her a big homemade Valentine.  Inside she wrote, “I love you but God loves you more.”  How cute is that?  First graders are adorable.  I came in to find her coming down the hall with her group 🙂  She looked like such a big girl and very happy and content!  She has a bag full of goodies to enjoy this weekend. She also got a sweet reese’s peanut butter cup talking (orange) tiger and candy from Ms. Melanie and a really cute Valentine from Michele that her daughter Emily made! So sweet!

Did I mention I ♥ Valentine’s Day?

I got the kid’s Valentine stuff today.  FUN!

So recap.

Bailey got driver’s license.

Izzy had good day.

Valentine’s Day is ♥ sweet ♥ !