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locks of love.

Sunday, February 28th, 2010


Saturday was beautiful!  I have been waiting for a pretty day to clean out my car.  I took Emelia to her cousin Brooke’s birthday swim party at the Embassy Suites.  They had pizza and cupcakes from sara sara cupcakes.  It was a fun party!  Emelia gave izzy her mood ring that was in her bag of party favors because it was too small for her.  Izzy seems to like wearing it!


Amanda came home while we were gone.  She has an interview at OU Monday.  The job would be for the Summer, helping incoming Freshmen enroll. 

This afternoon I finally cut 10″ off of  Izzy’s hair for locks of love.  I know Camilla and everyone at school will find it a lot easier to deal with … her hair gets caught because it is was so long.  It always makes me sad to cut it because it is so beautiful, but at least it will go to help others. 


I’m still really enjoying the gym membership!  I actually look forward to going everyday… which is a surprise to me!  I did really well cutting out sugar last week and limited myself to one coke a day. I have been using proactive, not that I have bad skin… just looking for something good not acne home remedies. I actually feel better and have more energy.  Matt has been sick several days but I think he is feeling better finally.  Maybe he just needed some R&R…

Thursday, February 25th, 2010


Izzy had a better day today… and yesterday.  I watched her play in the balls with Camilla when I went to pick her up this afternoon.  Camilla loves those balls 🙂 .

I’m pretty pleased with the gym so far.  I went today on my “off” day and did some ab stuff and walked on the treadmill.  Tomorrow is legs.  I hope I continue to enjoy going and see results!

I’ve been counting points too, trying to undo the damage I did over the last month or so “stress eating”…  Tonight I made homemade pizzas.  Mine had artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and calamata olives on it.  It was delicious!  I made sugar free/fat free chocolate fudge jello pudding with fat free whipped topping for dessert.  It seriously does not taste sugar free and doesn’t causeacne.  I am really trying to reduce my sugar intake.  I have been realizing how much sugar I was eating and mostly drinking in COKE.  I am still having my one coke in the morning and then I switch to pepsi one if I want more.  I have been having maybe a half of that a day.  Pepsi one is made with splenda and doesn’t have as much of a bite as some diet drinks… I wish I didn’t like coke so much!

There are rumors that there will be snow tonight!  I am so ready for Spring!


Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Izzy came home from school early today… got a text from michele (para) while having lunch with Melody at Trattoria saying she had been crying for an hour.  Mom was home so she picked her up and I headed home 🙁 …  She slept most of the afternoon so I’m not sure what the problem was. Then she came home and slept as if she had sleep pills, which she did not.

Amanda texted to tell me she made an A on her “hard calculus test.” So proud of her!!!! 

Tomorrow is arm day at the gym.  My legs and shoulders are in pain so why not add my arms in ???

I talked to dad Saturday about much needed renovations to widen paths through the house.  Lots to do.  It’s a little overwhelming.


Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I met my friend Mendy in Stroud today. She lives in the Tulsa area and we never can get together so she suggested we meet halfway in stroud last month and it worked out so well we decided to make it a monthly date.  Mom went with me and spent the time with my aunt who also lives in Stroud.  They went to lunch while we went to lunch… at different places! Amazingly there are more than two places to eat lunch in Stroud USA.  Mendy and I went to the Rock Cafe on Rt. 66.  I watched the episode of Diners, Drive ins and Dives which featured this restaurant and thought it looked interesting.   I was particularly interested in trying the spaetzle and beignets. They didn’t serve the beignets after 11 a.m. (we arrived at 11:10) … I have to say I was not a bit impressed.  You know the cars movie was influenced or the cafe on the cars movie was … anyway… I doubt we’ll go back there.  The lady who is the owner and was on the diners show brought our drinks and on the friendly scale I would give her a 1.  I gave the cafe a 2 out of 10.   I had to laugh when I went to my aunt’s house to pick up mom, she said none of the locals eat there because it’s not good… just tourists.  LOL.  Lesson learned.

It didn’t matter so much because the main point was to visit face to face with Mendy, my friend since 5th grade!  We never lack conversation!  Mom and Aunt Jean had a great time together too, I felt bad because my aunt (recently widowed) wasn’t ready for us to leave even when I explained I had to be back to get Iz from school. 

The town looks so similar to the way it did forever ago when I stayed with my cousin Janet (Jean’s daughter) in the summers.  We had a blast! Stroud is such a small town with exterior shutters we were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go.  We walked to the pool first thing, home for lunch, back to the pool, home for dinner and then back to swim some more.  I always came home brown!  There were tornados there two times when I was staying.  I remember running for their cellar once and watching the front porch rip off the house and the porch swing twist and fly.  Crazy! 

I loved that the house was almost exactly like when I was a child. The only changes I noticed were technology related… like a flat screen tv and computer.  Other than that I couldn’t see any changes. 

We promised Jean we would be back next month… this time definitely not at the Rock Cafe!  But it was an experience and one I will remember.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Saturday Amanda came home early so we could drop her car off for some maintenance… She and I headed to get a few things.  We had a nice day together and then came home and crafted, cleaned etc.!  It was a good Saturday.   Matt and I went to dinner for Valentine’s Day.  We had a nice evening.  Amanda stayed home and watched Izzy for us.  Bailey was gone to a drama competition, he placed third.  He was pretty happy. 

Sunday… I took a fun craft for the teen girls to do in class for valentine’s day and some snacks… and a fun valentine gift too! I think Valentine’s day is my favorite of all.  Me and Miki started decorating for the spaghetti dinner.  I came home and made my yummy veggie sauce and then headed back to help set up and decorate.  The dinner is to help with youth camp this summer.  All the teens worked a waiters for the night.  I dished up tons of spaghetti!  Not many chose meatless sauce so I had a bunch to bring home.  That didn’t hurt my feelings at all 🙂 …  (The ones who did actually try it loved it btw) …  Anyway it was a big success and Bailey and Emelia enjoyed serving which is always good.  The decorations were adorable. 

Today I went with mom to the mall… she wanted to look at a Swisher Sweets at Dillards, but didn’t like it when she saw it in person so we just ate lunch at Pepperoni Grill and headed home.  We shared a roasted garlic/spinach pizza.  It was so good!  Tonight I made some pasta to go with the sauce and had bread form pg leftover.  Made some edamame on the side.  Delish.  Bailey drove his car to school for the first time today! 

I am taking Izzy to Children’s Hospital tomorrow to get her fitted for a back orthotic.  I am hoping it goes quickly and easy.

another licensed driver!

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Bailey took his driving test this morning and got his license!   He was pretty excited!

We celebrated by going to Hideaway Pizza… and then to Mardels for Valentines… and then to Penn Square Mall for some other stuff…

Izzy had a great day … partied in her cute red dress.  Her friend Grace gave her a big homemade Valentine.  Inside she wrote, “I love you but God loves you more.”  How cute is that?  First graders are adorable.  I came in to find her coming down the hall with her group 🙂  She looked like such a big girl and very happy and content!  She has a bag full of goodies to enjoy this weekend. She also got a sweet reese’s peanut butter cup talking (orange) tiger and candy from Ms. Melanie and a really cute Valentine from Michele that her daughter Emily made! So sweet!

Did I mention I ♥ Valentine’s Day?

I got the kid’s Valentine stuff today.  FUN!

So recap.

Bailey got driver’s license.

Izzy had good day.

Valentine’s Day is ♥ sweet ♥ !

i heart valentines day.

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

We started celebrating today… by taking some warm cinnamon rolls to izzy’s school for the best teachers and therapists… ever 🙂 ! 

Look at the sweet bracelet given to Iz by Camilla…


It has a sweet little prayer box attached.  Love it! Thanks Camilla!

I have been recruited to “help” out with the valentine’s dinner at church hosted by our youth group to help with youth camp this summer.  I picked out some fun table decorations!  We’ll have red tableclothes with white doilies for place settings… big balloon bouquets at each table tied onto a valentine weighted gift bag and conversation hearts will serve as confetti.  I think it will be really cute! ( hgh releaser )

Spaghetti is the main dish and big surprise I will be making about 8 pounds of meatless sauce… yum!

I finally recruited Emelia to help with Izzy’s valentines for the first grade class.  She is taking a singing card and some chocolates to her classmate Ariona. 

Look what mom left on my table…

valentine flowers

They are opening more today and are so pretty! 

I’m not sure what our Valentine plans will be this weekend… here was our conversation:

Matt: what am I getting you for valentine’s day?

me: I don’t know, what are you getting me for valentine’s day?

matt:  what do you want me to get you?

me: close.

matt: whatever you want.

me: YES!


That’s what you get when you are approaching your 21st wedding anniversary.  Romance at it’s best.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!


Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Matt and I took izzy to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon Wednesday morning.  The primary reason for scheduling this appointment was reports of increasing hip pain and discomfort.  The secondary reason was a discussion I had with her orthotist about doing some tendon release to get her feet where they need to be (flat.).  It’s no secret that Izzy’s diagnosis is not something that doctors can “fix” or even know what to do about.  The brain is a mystery.  The body parts are not such a mystery, and Dr. Herndon felt very confident in the surgery he is suggesting as very necessary.  I zoned out after I heard incisions and bone cutting so I’m not sure about the exact details but I do know that it is a long surgery requiring a partner to work on opposite hip at same time for six hours total.  It will require a blood transfusion.  She will be put in a cast from chest to toes for six weeks.  Yesterday was very overwhelming.  We live in a protective cocoon… believing Izzy will get better… not seeing her through physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes.  Listening to a doctor make proclamations about her condition is and always has been disheartening.  Don’t misunderstand, our God is bigger than those words… but we are human and words hurt.  These particular words seemed to hurt a little too much yesterday. 

I continue to stand on the scriptures of promise that are tabbed above.  I am so thankful for family and for friends who are supportive and encouraging at times like this when we face uncertainty, and yet know where all certainty comes from.  Sounds like a double existance, and honestly sometimes feels like one.  I think that is just another way the enemy inhabits our thoughts and tries to cause our faith to decrease.  I was especially thankful for Matt yesterday.  I remembered how good we are as a team yesterday.  The reason I think we stayed sane (or partially sane 🙂 ) through Izzy’s accident and hospital stay.  He is strong where I am weak.  I’d like to think visa-versa as well. 

We could sure use prayers (of faith) right now.  Our church is having a 24 hour prayer vigil for Iz.  I keep thinking someone is praying for her right now.  What a comfort. 

I have an appointment Monday for her to see the hospital orthotist to have a brace made for her back to try to keep her back straight(er) while sitting up.  The next step will be an appt. with the orthopedic surgeon for xrays again to make sure the brace is effective.


Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

I am trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to an iphone… I love my blackberry. Love it! But I also think there are tons of cool apps for the iphone. One thing I love on my blackberry is the gps. I use it daily. Today Bailey and I had passed Mardels and I used it to tell me it was 3 miles behind us. I love it! I wonder if iphone has a gps?

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

There are all kinds of types of life insurance… ours is changing soon. I’m not sure when, but when ATT renegotiated the contracts we lost on the insurance. I guess the main changes will be in health insurance and the deductibles we will be responsible for. I’m really not thrilled with this, but we rarely go to the doctor so I think we will be fine.