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weather etc.

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

So… Sunday was the earthquake and now we are being told there will be an ice/snow storm coming this week!  I will believe it when I see it but oh well.  Mom is retiring.  Her last day of work is Friday.  They had planned a retirement party at the Cowboy Hall of Fame on Friday but it has been postponed in anticipation of bad weather.  I am hearing the grocery stores and walmart are all crazy tonight for the same reason.  I can’t really understand it because it isn’t really supposed to hit until Thursday????  Oh well.  They are rumoring loss of power and other things.  Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it. 

Amanda has had a terrible time locating all her textbooks for this semester at OU.  One is still on order at the bookstore, they have ordered the wrong version twice.  So frustrating!

I had lunch with dad today at his favorite mexican “dive.”  I was driving home and passed his house… he was checking his mail and even though I have been sorta queasy the last three days and this particular place sounded gross to me I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to hang out with dad 🙂 … It really wasn’t bad at all & I enjoyed it! 

Matt had to go to work early this morning and so we got up at five rather than six to read.  We have been waking up and reading 30 minutes every morning at 6 a.m.  We are almost through Luke.  Anyway, I would be in bed but have to pick Emelia up from bball practice in an hour so I am waiting up.  Blogging isn’t a very productive way to kill time… guess I’ll go fold clothes 🙂 …

p.s. John T. – I made your pasta tonight.  It was good but yours is still better.  I think the whole wheat pasta was the main difference 🙁 .

good week.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Izzy has had a good week…

Monday we picked up her new afo’s and hatchback shoes.  They were made at a 90 degree angle and we weren’t sure they would work (at all!).  She was able to wear them for 30 min at school tues. and 45 min at school wed with minimal discomfort or red marks.  We are working up to more time in them. 

Wednesday I picked up her cool new carseat.  It’s a recaro monza.  It came with an mp3 player and speakers in the sides.


Izzy hasn’t appeared to have pain in her hips this week which is a huge blessing!  She has been communicating a lot and has been getting rewarded at school. 

Last Friday Melanie let her “buy” a purse with her tokens for communicating.  (It’s orange. And furry!) She put a dollar bill in her purse.  Matt put another in her purse.  Camilla put a dollar in her purse when she did so well in her afo’s.  Matt told her she gets a dollar at home when she gets one at school.  She has been sleeping with that little purse clutched in her arm.  Maybe because Emelia teased her about her money.  It’s great that she is inspired to work hard by the rewards that are offered to her.  Melanie has a cool valentine box (that’s furry… I think Melanie really likes fur 🙂 ).  It has fun bracelets and treats for rewards. 

Emelia is practicing basketball again today.  That’s a good thing… I was beginning to think she wasn’t interested at all.  She did pretty good at her game Saturday night.  She got two fouls so she was in the game… and seemed to stay focused.

Amanda started classes this week.  She is already talking about how hard they are… but we all know she’ll do great.  She is taking calculus, spanish, psychology & (can’t remember other class)… She was telling me that her calculus class was in a really ghetto classroom.  She defined ghetto as having to use old fashioned projector rather than the fancy computerized screens most classes have now.  She has class everyday this semester. 

Bailey is staying busy with his friend Christian who is going to school now at the junior high right by Izzy’s elementary.  So… I am bringing christian home (to our house) everyday.  He stays most nights until six, and some nights later when his mother has class.  So far it is going well… just keeping these teenage boys full!  Bailey is in competitive drama and is rehearsing some prose material for competition. 

I went to lunch with Melody yesterday at the Museum Cafe.  It was really nice and I think would have been pretty good, but I bit into a metal clip type thing in my grilled asparagus panini.  The manager told me it was a grill brush.  IT looked like a hair pin.  They offered to make me something else, but I declined.  They didn’t charge us for lunch and gave us both cards for another free lunch.  I don’t think either of us are in a hurry to go back, even free.  But it was pretty good up til the point of the metal pin. Maybe a good cholesterol treatment

Today I met Mendy in Stroud.  She has been my friend since fifth grade and she lives in Sand Springs… we don’t ever have time to see each other.  She suggested that we meet half way in stroud for lunch to exchange Christmas presents.  I still had her birthday present too and her birthday was in October!  We ate at a bbq place that wasn’t bad at all.  I had a baked potato, green beans and corn on the cob.  I enjoyed visiting with Mendy.  We are going to try to do it monthly.  It was really only an hours drive and wasn’t bad at all. 

I’ve been making Matt pizza’s almost nightly.  He is on a pizza kick.  I buy those whole wheat crusts at the store and then add sauce and tons of veggies.  I have been eating normal lunch and then making sweet potato fries every night for me.  We will get tired of this soon I think.  The sweet potato fries are delish!  My favorite thing right now!  I have to make extra because Matt always wants some too.

I cut two sweet potatoes into strips

Mix 2 t evoo with a sprinkle of red pepper and some kosher salt

toss the potatoes in the mixture

sprinkle brown sugar over them single layer in pan

bake at 425 for 40 min. 

(stir a few times)

I made them with a little cinnamon last night, and tonight I think I’m doing cinnamon and paprika.  They were too hot last night (went a little crazy with the red pepper).

I went jogging yesterday but didn’t make it yet today because I spent the day driving to Stroud and then back etc.  But will def. go tomorrow!  I have got to get back in shape asap!


Friday, January 15th, 2010

Really? In choctaw usa?  Yes!  We had a 4.0 magnitude earthquake this morning followed by a 3.8 9 minutes later.  The last one felt strongest, but was two miles closer.  They were both in Jones.   I did not enjoy the earthquakes!  The little ones we’ve been having that barely shook us haven’t been bad, but this one was strong, loud, and scary! and a link for best cholesterol medications post…




Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

iz pt
Lots of stuff going on lately with izzy. I prayerfully made an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to see what our options are with her hips. She is showing a lot of pain/discomfort in her right hip. While I have been against anything invasive, I certainly do not want her to be in pain. Enough is enough. I know God is the healer, and ask that you pray for direction for both us and the doctors… and especially for Izzy to be relieved of pain.

She is doing great in school with Melanie back. Melanie is using fun incentive to keep her communicating. She brought an orange heart box and puts tokens in when Izzy communicates her answers to different school work. Melanie said Izzy became much more communicative when she brought out her heart.

The AFO’s (foot braces) and shoes are in at the orthotist so we will make a trip to Norman Monday morning for a fitting. I heard Michele mentioning they are going to get her back on the bike when she gets her AFOs! yay!

job search

all better.

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Melanie (Izzy’s teacher) reminded me today I haven’t posted anything since I posted BAD DAY!  It’s been a busy week that’s my only excuse. 

I guess I should explain the bad day… everything broke at once.  Well I’m being very melodramatic.  Not everything.  Just the washer, matt’s truck, my vacuum, and a few other small things.  All in a very short time span and I don’t do well with chaos.  Most problems are solved. Most.  And the days have been good days since for several reasons:

Melanie is back. YAY. We missed her so much and love having her at school!!!  She gave izzy a cool Christmas gift with a cute bendable doll that we pose all the time… some really cool lip gloss, a bath sponge thing with soap that smells yummy… and some glitter tatoo pens with stencils.  I see tatoos in our weekend plans!  She is awesome and always finds the most fun stuff.

Having Amanda home has been nice.  She sits and eats with me… she helped me put away the Christmas stuff…

I got tons of stuff done this week!  That always helps!School started again!  Just think …. silence…. ahhhhhh!

No need for  cross country moving

I had a super fun NYE night with Melody (my friend not to be confused with Melanie the teacher who is also a friend).  We went to Johnny Carinos for dinner and to see It’s Complicated.  I laughed so much during that movie.  It is not a kid show.  I would like to see it again. I just realized I already wrote about this night! What a repeater I am LOL.

I guess that’s all for now.  Bailey wants a ride to his friend’s house and Emelia wants to go skating.


Friday, January 1st, 2010


it’s a new year. 2010!

Friday, January 1st, 2010


Any resolutions?

I have a few… even though I know that it’s a joke to make and then break new year’s resolutions.  I think something about a new year, or even new week makes us want to use the fresh start to be BETTER.  Isn’t that what we all want??? to be better?  These are the areas I wish to improve on… health (which includes diet, exercise and weight), money (spend less… save more… yada yada yada), and soul (be kinder, study bible more etc.).

To be honest I am pretty happy to close the chapter titled 2009 in my book of life.  Not my best year.  I hope to make 2010 a much much better year and pray that with God’s direction and help that it will be a much better year for all of us. 

Some practical ways to achieve my above resolutions:

1.  Continue on no meat diet.  Doesn’t have to be crazy strict… a little meat is ok from time to time but after watching author of eating animals ( I am more resolute to continue not eating nasty animals 🙂 … 

2.  Stop giving in to temptations of buying non whole grain products.  Use whole wheat bread, pasta, etc.

3.  Eat less sugar. Drink less sugar. (yes, that means coke.  ugh).

4.  go to gym until weather permits to do running/walking again.

5.  continue daily beth moore study on JESUS (on day 14).

6.  read psalms monthly.

Here’s izzy in her new pj’s from cousin Jana with her new pottery barn kids soft blanket (from ginger). 

izzy new pjs

Here are the kids at Gingers having Christmas.  Amanda was the only one posing for the pic!

kids at gingers

So Tuesday Amanda wanted me to help her pack for her chi alpha camp/retreat.  Here I am helping 🙂 …

helping amanda pack

I miss Amanda.  She left Tuesday night and will be home tomorrow afternoon.  I think she’s having fun in Texas… but she said it’s cold! 

For NYE I went with Melody to eat at Johnny Carinos.  It was delish!  We went to see “IT’s Complicated” after dinner.  I didn’t get home until after midnight and everyone at my house was already asleep. graduation announcements

new years eve with mel

So … my first New Year’s gift is a broken washing machine and several loads of laundry waiting to be washed.  Why does this always happen on a holiday???  Happy New Year!!!