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I feel like I should begin this post with … merry christmas!  but now I am rethinking this considering Christmas was three whole days ago.  Does it bother anyone else that we prepare, plan, buy, decorate, shop, plan, make lists, etc. for months only to have the day come and go with a swish?  This year christmas day literally slid by.  I was going to recount the horrifying experience yet again but realized I had already talked about it on the blog and probably to everyone who would listen because it was stressful ya’ll!

I’ll just continue with Christmas day where I left off… We did have lunch at mom and dad’s house.  It was delish and good to get out in spite of the crazy high snow and slick streets.  The cars stuck around our neighborhood caused us to almost not make it the whole block to mom’s …  We took turns opening our presents with suprised cheesy faces for pics and then put them back for later opening at the actual party.  We watched mom and dad exchange gifts.  Sweet.

For Christmas dinner we headed to my brother’s house.  He made a fabulous dinner!  I’m not sure what was more stressful, watching Matt carry Izzy across the frozen driveway… or watching mom navigate the ice.  Yikes!   Some fun gifts from the day were funny owl nick & nora pjs given to me by mom… paris hilton perfume for iz… and a key chain for bailey.  You know what that means?  He will be 16 … SIXTEEN … 16!!!!!!!!  in about a month!!!  Crazy huh?  Such a good kid and already a great driver.

Saturday morning began with a delicious and nutritious breakfast of chex mix and pecan pie.  Yum.  Man I have got to hit it hard when the holidays are over.  I feel like a slug.  That’s not a good thing.  I then braved walmart for groceries and that’s all I remember about Saturday!  A big snowy blur.  Matt’s mom, john, jane ellen, ron, and jane ann were all going to come friday… and then saturday… but the roads were just too slick to risk the long trip from Tulsa.

Sunday we drove to Bethany for another Christmas!  We just do kids gifts there… I did come home with some salmon from Portland, and some godiva chocolates which I totally hid immediately (bad thing is I hide stuff like that and then remember it like a year later lol).  Amanda got the coolest estee lauder makeup set that I totally wanted!  Bailey got a cool box that you have to follow directions to open and guess what was inside once he figured it out? $$!  Emelia got a cool ipod that take video.  Hot pink.  She loved it instantly.  Emelia spent the night with her cousin Brook.  Emelia is 11 going on 35.  Brook is 10.  period. Izzy got the sweetest pjs ever and a pottery barn kids pink fluffy blanket that is heavenly.

Mom and I went shopping last night … my favorite after christmas sale items were:  a gold serving tray.  I love that tray!!!; a really cool pretty neat towel; and a snowman flag that was only $4!!! at Marshalls.  I love stuff like that.

Today I picked Emelia up from Yukon… ran errands… I did highlights for Amanda who had been begging asking for a week and trimmed up her ends.  I bought a stupid cute gingerbread house kit thinking the girls would be all over decorating it.  Not the case.  It stayed in the box as Christmas came and went.  Today I couldn’t stand it another second so I ripped it out and decorated it myself.  Sure, the girls stuck a gumdrop here or a candy piece there… but I learned my lesson.  Don’t buy gingerbread house.  They don’t care.  Emelia has a friend over tonight.  Tomorrow I may take the girls to the mall.  or not.  After about 40 minutes in Blockbuster refusing to let them rent a horror movie or anything R  I’m losing my generous sweet spirit. 🙂 …  She did apologize for being “bratty,” and I know her little friend watches all the scary movies but I just don’t like her to put that stuff in her brain!  It’s just ugly.  I’m typing this and in the background the movie Inglorious B.* is playing.  But there are no children (except Princess and she’s a dog child) in the room.  And I am positioning my laptop screen to block the television screen because it is mainly a war bloody type movie.  ICK!

So, I think I’ll post this… close my laptop and do day 12 of my Beth Moore study called, “Jesus.”

Today is the last Monday of 2009.  Sad.

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We have just been staying snowed in and truthfully loving every minute of it!!! I was tired of so much “going” and “running”.
Now it’s Happy New Year coming!

Susan’s last blog post..ANOTHER FUN DAY SNOW DAY

Susan wrote on December 29, 2009 - 8:23 am

Your roads must be awful.

Sounds like everyone got some great gifts and you ate some delicious food.

I need to hide chocolate, but unfortunately I always find it.

I want to do Gingerbread houses too, but like you, don’t think anyone else cares.

Hope you have a wonderful 2010.

yvonne’s last blog post..Christmas Wrap-Up

yvonne wrote on December 29, 2009 - 10:14 am

So glad we didn’t get snowed in! We got a little ice on Christmas Eve, but its been mild ever since! Whew!

Next time you want to do a gingerbread house.. give me a shout! LOL I don’t have anyone to do them with, as the boys are, well, boys! 🙁

Happy New Year my friend!

Jodi’s last blog post..2009 coming to an end

Jodi wrote on December 31, 2009 - 4:51 pm
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