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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

A busy day…

1.  Started by oversleeping.  Matt’s off all week so we slept in.  I was a little shaky when I woke up and was fixing Izzy’s breakfast… I opened her juiceplus capsule bottle and they slipped out of my hand into the sink which I just happened to have filled with hot water.   They were all ruined.

2.  After I fed her somehow I spilled her oatmeal concoction on my keyboard. 

3.  Emelia came home from her weekend trip with Gram and Jane Ann to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX.  She had a blast and is still talking non-stop about the trip.

4.  I took Emelia with me to get my nails repaired which ended with a fill job and then the girl who does my pedicures showed me her cute 4th of July toes and suggested she paint mine too.  How could I resist.  Emelia had already picked red, white, and blue polish to have painted alternating on her fingers.  She had a pedicure in Dallas so we left her toes alone… but the girl touched up some chips on her white tips.  It’s hard to keep white tips neat when you are eleven. 


5.  After some time at home Emelia went with me for a long overdue hair appointment.  I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had time to go… I was thrilled to get to go today!  Jill is awesome!  She did highlights and a trim. 


6.  While Jill was rinsing my hair we had been hearing thunder and the lights began to flicker.  Right when she finished we lost all power and within a minute matt was calling to say our power had gone off at home as well.  I was just relieved my hair was rinsed!  I left with wet hair which was fine since it was pouring down rain….


7.  Mom was doing therapy with Iz when I got home and Matt and Dad were on the front porch ooing and ahing at the rain.  It’s been a while. Need to look at digital camcorders.


8.  Me and Emelia decided to return the redbox movie that she forgot about while in Dallas.  It was five days late.  Fortunately it’s only $1 a day.  It has to be returned at 7 to not be charged another night.  Our first trip to return it was a failure because the power was off at redbox too.  We stopped in front of the chinese restaurant and the girl waved Emelia in.  She bought some soup (her fave.) in the dark. 

9.  Got movie returned! 

10.  Mom came down after I got Izzy fed and had her hair highlighted, colored and trimmed. 

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