a surprise!

Today was Izzy’s day for ESY … which is Summer school.  She has been missing Melanie (her favorite teacher)!  Today Melanie came to surprise Izzy!  She brought balloons… and one was ORANGE.  Izzy grabbed the orange balloon when Melanie showed them to her.  Word was that Iz did better with Karen and Camilla than she has all Summer.  Melanie is a great motivator.  Lots of exciting things to look forward to this school year including a new classroom of their very own that is bigger and can accommodate all the things needed to make school perfect!  So great. 

Thank you Melanie for coming to school today to surprise Izzy.  She was so happy to see you!  (so was I) 🙂




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  1. That was so nice! She sounds like a really special person and teacher. And how sweet that she remember how Iz is so into orange right now.

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  2. nancy face says:

    It’s so cool that Izzy likes orange! 🙂

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