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top ten tuesday… june!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

June is the busiest month of the year.  I don’t think I have realized that until this year.  I was told by MY MOTHER that I needed to write on the blog more so she would have something to read when she gets bored at work… I suggested she get a facebook and she wasn’t sure she could at her GOVT job.  So, I’m writing on my blog mom, happy? 🙂

Here are the top ten reasons June is busy!

1.  Kids are home for the Summer and excited about that!

2.  My mother’s birthday (June 8).

3.  Matt’s birthday (June 10).

4.  Our anniversary (June 17).

5.  Father’s Day.

6.  Izzy has ESY (summer school/therapy) and although it is one day a week as opposed to every day of the week it makes it busier.  I will be so happy when school starts again.  She misses it. 

7.  Amanda is getting ready for OU.  This mainly means working as much as possible to tuck away as much money as she can so she will be free to study study study in the Fall… and also means spending lots of time going on dates with Lorenzo, like tonight’s midnight premier of Transformers.

8.  Matt and Bailey are attempting to build a windmill.  Enough said. Maybe I should check on life insurance.

9.  Emelia is constantly fluttering her social wings.  She’s a butterfly.

10.  It’s hot.  That makes it just seem busy.  Probably the constant flow of swimmers and towels and puddles (oh my!)

and the bonus reason June was busy…

My brother and SIL (whose birthday is also in June (30) ) … went to Vegas last week! 

Have a list of 10?  Visit OHAmanda… Her list is about ideas for weddings. She has some great ideas.