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busy day. again.

Friday, June 19th, 2009

I gave Bailey a new haircut last night… and a few highlights on top.  He looks so cute.  Wait! That’s not the right word for a mother to use when referring to her 15 year old mature son… He looks cool.



Then today Amanda begged asked for highlights and a trim so I fixed her up too!  I don’t have a pic yet of her hair but it looks very pretty.

After we played beauty shop we got ready really fast and then headed to Marshalls.  My favorite!  I had to do a little shopping for Father’s Day (so did Amanda). She also wanted to look at clothes because she had someplace special to go tonight and nothing to wear.  Tragic.  We found all kinds of great things that looked so cute on her!  I found the cutest pair of knee length pants.  I heart them.  Enough that when I get a chance I’ll post a pic.  I’m not sure about the perfect shirt for them yet… 

We split a quessadilla at Q’doba.  It was “eh.”  Then stopped at Walmart for a few groceries. 

I dropped Amanda off at home so she could spend the next two hours straightening her hair and met Matt to give him a book he wanted to peruse.  Boring day at the office.  Came home again and fed Iz.  Then ran to library to pick up two books that were ready I reserved yesterday after recieving an email from GAIL about book recommendations.  I’m super excited to read this new series.  The only problem is finding time to read because I should technically be doing spill plans if I have free time… not recreational reading.  blah. Checking on auto insurance.

Me and Bailey stopped for a sonic half priced happy hour drink.  Love happy hour. 

The plan for tonight is to grill some corn and other things, swim for a while, then either be bad and start this book or be good and do the last few spill plans I need to get finished! ugh.

Happy Friday!