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Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Another pretty productive weekend.  Matt was productive anyway.  He has been on a mission to use less energy, so he installed a big vent thing in the attic and then added some vents in gables.  It was a hard, hot job… but someone had to do it.  Glad it wasn’t me :). It was nice to have the pool ready for quick cool downs between jobs.  I mostly ran errands for the “boys” all day Saturday.  We need cardboard displays

Me & Emelia washed my car.  Emelia can’t stand to not have a part in the action… so here she is washing away. 


She helped me vacuum and armour all… and then “helped” spray stinky cherry stuff everywhere!

She and Izzy enjoyed some movie/computer time together.


Izzy is wearing one of her newly acquired “orange” shirts from Gram & Melanie.

fave five.

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

After finally clearing out my huge number of unread posts on bloglines, I realized quickly that the general concensus is that blogging is taking a back seat for many people.  I’ve said it before, facebook is just flat out easier than blogging.  Instant social gratification.  You can type one sentence and connect with fifty people you haven’t seen in fifteen years.  But, I still refuse to end the blog.  I like the way I can look back at what happened two years ago in April or what that recipe was that we liked… just by searching my posts.  I still love the blog. 

In honor of “blogging…”  I am gonna list my fave five things I read on other people’s blogs this week.

1.  My friend Dena “growing up girlie” way over in S.C. has an adorable children’s shop.  She has been dabbling in sewing clothes for her sweet little girl Annie (her last name is my maiden name!).  Cool huh?  Well she made this adorable little outfit and I am so on this!  If I ever get a free moment I am going to attempt this for Iz.


2.  I’ve really been intending to make this pizza I saw posted on BIGMAMA‘s blog!


3.  This was a great devo on Internet Cafe…

4.  Sandra posted a monkey bread recipe!  Matt made monkey bread when I saw it posted on Pioneer Woman a few weeks ago.  YUM.  Sandra’s reminder made me want to have some this weekend!  Sandra always posts delish recipes.


5.  OHAmanda’s top ten tuesday list!  Love her!

I realize that over half of this post was about food.  There were other interesting things I read on blogs… like some info on the Gosselins I almost wish I hadn’t read, Kat saying she was going to quit blogging, Gail making tents in her dining room with the grandkids which reminded me of the tents we used to make in the dining room, and lots of other fun stuff.  Amazon books rock.

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