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fondue and stuff.

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I mentioned matt & I went to melting pot last weekend?  After that Matt became very obsessed interested in acquiring a fondue pot and melting pot cookbook to recreate the experience at home.   The fondue pot (from arrived Friday afternoon and I went to the store for a few a million lots of ingredients for the three courses we would try.




It was a hit!  I made up a few sauces for the meat because the many sauces really made th e meal.  The sauces were surprisingly just like the ones at the melting pot.  I made a carribean sauce and a spicy horseradish sauce.   I marinated steak, pork, and chicken.  We made the cheddar garlic cheese and flambeed chocolate with caramel. YUM.

The end of this school year is coming quickly.  Less than three weeks.  Amanda has two awards assemblies this week and Isabelle is going on a field trip to the zoo Thursday (me too!).

Matt and I had Logan’s Roadhouse for lunch today after church… here we are arriving…


I copied a recipe (claiming to be healthy) from the southern living on the table beside the chair I sat in while getting a pedicure Friday.  It is a chicken taco with mexican corn and black beans on ww tortillas but the interesting part was the sauce you make with lf sour cream, jalepenos and cilantro.  I’m making it for dinner tomorrow, if it’s good I’ll post the recipe!

Oh… one more thing… we’ve been asking iz tons of questions and watching her yes/no answers.  It’s been interesting to get such clear answers from her!

nhs induction

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

We attended the NHS induction and presentation of collars for NHS seniors.  Amanda recieved a blue collar signifying her status as Valedictorian. 



Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Ever heard of Stemulite? Me neither, til tonight… Apparently it is a protein based supplement taken for overall health. One review stated, “Protein is the building blocks of health and fitness, building muscle and basic nutrition. Protein Power Mix combined with 9 a Day Plus is by far the best ALL NATURAL supplements I have ever taken. Hands down it produces better results than any other nutritional supplements I have tried.”

There is a daytime and nighttime formula. There are two major differences. First is the protein source. The daytime formula has whey protein, which is a fast absorbable protein. The nighttime formula has casein protein, which is a slow digesting protein. The second difference is that the nighttime protein has specific micro nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium that the daytime formula doesn’t have. The reason that the nighttime has a few more ingredients than the daytime is that they are looking to give your body the nutrients that you need to repair its self while you sleep.

In a test study done with forty people recently the results showed the most common results were seen within seven days. There was an increase in strength, joints were starting to feel fantastic, and muscles were full and repaired. There was also the recovery aspect of sleeping through the night and not waking up very hungry.

Sounds pretty good huh?