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note to self…

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Next time you think it’s clever and a fun challenge to make an almost impossible deadlines for yourself THINK again!  It is neither clever nor fun!!! 

Next time you get to go to bed at a decent hour and not wake up at 6:00 a.m. to start working again be HAPPY!

Next time you open the computer for something other than work ENJOY it!!!

It’s been a crazy hectic week.  I decided to say I would have a batch of spill plans done by the end of the week.  I am on the last few and have to head to the office to print them sometime today after I finish up. 

I put a pork tenderloin (2 actually) in the slow cooker with a couple of sliced onions and a can of cream of mush soup tuesday.  I came home tues. night and made rice … grabbed some salads at mazzios.  Wednesday there was lots left so I made mashed pot. quickly and picked up a veggie tray and a baguette from Panera… Thursday there was still some left so I chopped it and added bbq sauce.  We had it with nachos and veggies.  Matt and I are both doing the one meal a day diet plan so dinner is important to us both 🙂 …  I’m kinda sad it’s all gone, it has been a good food week.  I bought a package of steak-ums at the store and am going to make them tonight after I do a phenphedrine review.

Izzy is doing good this week.  She’s been going to school at 11 a.m. to slowly increase her time there.  She loves school and has had lots of happy days this week with her friends.  I’ve been told she has new friends all the time, but her first grade friend Grace is her best friend. 

Matt’s taking me to the Melting Pot tomorrow.  I have wanted to go there for a long time so that will be exciting.  I am going to try to only do a little work this weekend and get things caught up around home…

amanda’s senior prom

Friday, April 24th, 2009


fave five

Friday, April 24th, 2009

What a crazy busy week!  There were a few five highlights worth mentioning… (in no particular order)


I finished my first batch of spill plans.  They are being delivered now and I couldn’t be more happy to have them done.  This new “job” has been a challenge and just finishing something even though there are so many more to do really is great.  I have decided to find someone to hire to do the CADS for me because I just don’t have time.  Seeing those big folders full of spill plans on their way to Texas just made me smile.


I broke my laptop this week.  That’s not a favorite moment, in fact it was a really really bad moment… but a few good things followed (like usual).  Mom immediately brought her laptop for me to use and I had backed up almost all my data on a 8 gb thumb drive so I had access to what I needed to keep working.  Matt commented that mom’s act of lending her laptop was like saying, “oh you killed your dog, here’s mine.”  After loaning me her laptop she and my dad drove mine to the computer repair store and convinced them to rush the repair (new screen).  The next good thing was the 8 a.m. call saying, “your computer is ready!”  It was not even a full day when they quoted three days! Now to do a review for Outer Banks rentals.


Izzy’s IEP.  Honestly I don’t generally enjoy those meetings … but with the group surrounding izzy they are almost filled with positives rather than discussing all the things she “cannot do.”  Melanie always works so hard to constantly speak positives and I think that is one of the characteristics of a great teacher!  Camilla and Izzy just have a special bond, there is love there on both sides, and it shows.  I say it all the time, but we are so blessed in that area.  The goals set were much like those last year but she did meet some of this years goals which is great… 


hot rollers.  Random huh?  I pulled out the old pack of hot rollers this week because I’ve been noticing some hair that looked like soft curls and figured my hair was long enough not to look like a pouf head. Not a great picture, but you get the idea… 



Walks at the park.  We’ve been continuing our nightly walks at the park.  My goal now is to jog/run effortlessly.  I see these people (usually guys) that just run so effortlessly.  I want to do that!  That’s my goal, but for a now a walk in the park is great for raising my heart rate and clearing my head!

What are your faves from the week?