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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Started with a very unfortunate computer accident.  I had a spill plan with a “superclip” attached sitting inside my laptop.  I reached for the computer to do some proofing of my work and heard a pop.  Not good.  The superclip had slipped under the screen and when I lifted it, the screen busted.  As in can’t see the screen at all.  As in broken computer.  Mom saved the day on that one… she brought her laptop down for me to work on.  I had backed up all my work up until Saturday night so only lost access to four very hard to do cads.  Mom and dad dropped my computer off at the computer repair place along with my instructions to PLEASE retrieve my data.

Emelia missed the bus because she was busy trying to get eyeliner on her eyes.  Yes, eyeliner and yes, she is still only eleven years old.  I know.  Ugh. 

I got Izzy fed and ready for school, showered and dressed, gathered up my work and got files installed on mom’s laptop… took Izzy to school.

Drove across town to work… Printed the spill plans I completed over the weekend. 

Drove to Office Depot for supplies to finish processing the spill plans, the bank for work stuff, and then to the computer place to pick up my flash drive that has my documents.  Raced back to pick up my work and headed home.  I brought home eight facility specifics to CAD and process spill plans for.

Stopped on the way home when I noticed my low fuel light shining brightly. 

Came in and warmed up some corn casserole and carrots, made crescent rolls and enjoyed the taco chicken mom dropped off along with yummy cookies. 

Drove to Walmart with Amanda to stock up on her weight watcher necessity food:  nutrigrain ww blueberry waffles, coke zero, baked chips, and beans so I can make them tomorrow with the leftover ham.  I saw our old friends Marv and Yanni at Walmart.  I haven’t seen them in forever!  I loved catching up and hope we get to see them again soon.  Their neighborhood was greatly affected by the fire.  A lot of their neighbors lost their homes, and they spent the evening watering hot spots in the back of their house.  They lost Yanni’s very beautiful flower garden, but feel thankful that they didn’t lose their home.  Yanni wrecked her car trying to evacuate the neighborhood.  What a mess. Did a post for Westgate.

Came home and quickly changed into my sweats, went to the park for a walk with matt…

Came home and cleaned the kitchen, dishes, did load of laundry, fixed izzy’s food, bathed the dog (princess) and now am going to feed iz and start working to get these spill plans done asap. 

What did you do today???