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It’s Easter.

Sunday, April 12th, 2009





See Amanda & Emelia’s hair <Lauren>… I gave them a version of your cute side bun for church today.  It was raining which we were very happy to see considering the ongoing fires… so there was no reason to straighten hair to get wet, right? 

Several people have asked about my “job…” so I thought I would explain it.  Remember I mentioned doing CAD’s for the oil sites over the last year?  The person I had worked for was partners with some engineers and others.  There were some unfortunate things going on including embezzlement that led him to break away from the partners and start fresh with honest people.  That’s where I enter the scene.  🙂  … Anyway, I have gone from doing a few cads here and there to basically working full time or more.  I go into the office pretty much daily to print spill plans, I have developed a new original spill plan, figured out all the formulas for berms etc.   I guess all that math in college has paid off a little.  We are turning in our first batch of 30ish spill plans this week so the heat is ON!  I am a little nervous and have checked and rechecked my work.  I hired bailey to do input for me and he did a pretty good job.  I unfortunately am the only one who knows how to do CADs so I’m still left to do them along with everything else, but am excited about  the job in general and even though it’s hard work I have really been enjoying it.

p.s.  I’ve lost 20 pounds!!!!