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I headed to Norman to take Isabelle to the orthotist this morning.  When we arrived about forty minutes later it was beginning to rain!  This orthotist is really great.  He is so much more knowlegable than the past orthotists we have gone to.  Izzy’s AFO on her left foot was causing some pressure spots that until last week had just been red spots.  She woke up (I think last Tuesday) with a black spot on her foot.  We stopped the AFO’s at that point to let the spot heal and then made an appointment to have the splints adjusted.  I could see that the pressure was coming from two bolts used to make the tension on the sides of the afo.  The orthotist agreed and is going to redo the afo and move the bolts to the bottom of the foot away from that bony area.  We will give the foot a week or so to completely heal.  I’ve been told it’s best to err on the side of caution to avoid a pressure sore that would keep her from being able to wear her AFOs for a longer time.  So… she is very close to measuring up to having casts made for the day time AFO’s which has been our original goal from the beginning.  The plan now is to call for an appointment one month out from the day we put splints back on to schedule the fitting/casting to have them made.   I talked to Gary about the SWASH, Camilla was wondering if it needed adjustments made, but he checked it and based on the position of her hip bone felt it was still good.  I asked him to order replacement cuffs and parts so it can be switched to wash.  He is going to mail those parts along with her corrected AFO so we don’t have to go back to pick them up. 

I think Izzy is the only one of the kids missing school this week.  I explained to her that this is spring break and she would be going back next week.  She really does seem to enjoy school.  She wasn’t thrilled with her time in the kid walk yesterday.  She didn’t complain too much, but she just wasn’t thrilled. 


Emelia enjoyed driving by the University of Oklahoma stadium… we can’t pass up a chance to grab some to-go pasta from my all time favorite Victoria’s Pasta.  Yummy.  Thanks to Matt’s mother, Emelia is a fan of OSU (black and orange) but was still impressed with the OU campus.  We parked in front of a yoga studio and emelia discreetly watched and snapped pics with her phone.  She was impressed by their limberness… We saw many interesting sites while in Norman. 


I was sad to hear about the death of actress Natasha Richardson.  There is so much unknown about the brain and brain injuries.  There are so many children who have suffered near drowning accidents and may have the same injury but the results are very different.   The doctors can replace organs, make artificial limbs, knock out infections… but when the brain is involved they have a huge ?.  This has caused us to place all our hope regarding Izzy’s healing into God’s hands.  He is the great healer.

It is really warming up here in Oklahoma.  Yesterday it was in the 80’s.  The rain has cooled it off a little, but it definitely feels like spring!  I’m going to have to do some shopping for Iz.  All her cute outfits are long sleeved and long pants.  Well, all but two 🙂 !  She’s grown so much over the past year I doubt she’ll be able to wear last years warm weather clothes.  She is really getting chunky legs and arms.  Her feet seem to be growing too.  I put her little tennis shoes on yesterday to get into the kid walk and they were too small.  Her feet have been small in relation to her body probably because she isn’t walking on them.

Tuesday night I was walking outside and stepped down off the deck wrong and fell. It was funny, a yell escaped my lips before I realized and I just knew Matt (who was in the den) would come rushing out to check on me. I sat on the ground gaining my composure, ready for my rescue (didn’t happen)… and so then got up and hobbled in the house. I said, “did you hear me scream?” He said, “no.” I said, “I thought you’d come rushing out to help me.” and his reply was, “sorry, I didn’t hear anything.” Oh well, it seemed like a minor fall until this morning. I’m glad I didn’t need a shoulder pain pump. I woke up with a very sore foot. My ankle feels strained and the bottom of my heel feels bruised or something, making it very hard to walk. My hip on the same side I fell on has a huge gorgeous black and blue bruise on it. Lovely. I’m a mess.

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Sorry about Izzy’s foot. I hope moving those bolts helps.

I have Oklahoma winning their first game in the tournament.

I was very sad about Natasha Richardson’s death–so sad.

Hooray for better weather–can’t wait for our snow to melt.


yvonne wrote on March 19, 2009 - 5:22 pm

Sorry to hear about your fall, I too feel down our front steps last year and know the pain associated with a fall like that. I will be praying for you to have a quick recovery.

Love in Christ,

Suzi Searles’s last blog post..The Sickness, Vicious Cycle Returns with a Vengenance!

Suzi Searles wrote on March 20, 2009 - 3:19 am

So sorry you fell! Sometimes it’s the most innocent things that gives us the biggest boo boo’s. I hope you heal quickly.
I hope Iz’s foot gets better soon too. It sounds painful. I’m glad they were able to adjust her othotic so she doesn’t have to go through that again.

chupieandjsmama’s last blog post..Vote for Best Allergy Sites and Fab Snacks

chupieandjsmama wrote on March 20, 2009 - 6:40 am

I’m sorry you fell! I hope you are doing much better this morning.

Will is doing better. Still cranky and we’re still fighting fever, but he is so much better than he was when I talked to you Thursday.

I miss you! And love you!

julie wrote on March 22, 2009 - 9:11 am

I am so glad you have found a great orthotist.
The center I work at has an orthotics center and help several of our therapists with faxing and mailing letter of medical necessity to get equipment for kiddos on their caseloads who need it–it is a huge job and getting orthotics which fit a child is oh-so important!

I feel the pain of you fall–I have fallen twice in the past year and afterwards I feel like I have been hit by a mac truck for days. I hope you feel better soon and have a great week. As for us, Sam is over the flu and back to school, and I think Austen is at the tail end of it now. I did not get it, thankfully!

kim’s last blog post..Failure…

kim wrote on March 23, 2009 - 1:49 am

I’m so sorry you fell and got hurt…and that Hubby didn’t hear you so that he could come and help. 🙁

I’m glad the orthotist has some good solutions for Izzy’s pressure spots.

nancy face’s last blog post..Rusha busha…

nancy face wrote on March 23, 2009 - 7:27 am

I hope you’re feeling better from your fall. I’ve experienced the same thing, fallen and yelled out and totally expected someone to come rescue me but it doesn’t happen! Then ask the same thing and get pretty much the same response you got, men!
I was sort of stunned by Natasha Richardson’s death……..I’ve fallen more than once skiing and hit my head; and had someone ski into me with a face first collision while he was going fast b/c he wasn’t looking where he was going. Plus all my kids have fallen and one fell ice skating and hit her head. Makes me realize how easily something can go wrong so quickly and how lucky we’ve been….luck though, I think not. God’s providence I’m sure.

Gail’s last blog post..Spring Reading Thing

Gail wrote on March 23, 2009 - 11:01 am

Matt, Matt, Matt…compounded his error by not jumping up and panicking, even after the event. Just like a man. lol Hope you heal up fast, though!
I keep saying I’m going to come up that way soon, but something always seems to get in the way. I used to sit around and complain because I never had anything to do. Now I feel like I can’t even manage to get half a minute to myself sometimes. I don’t know how you do all that you do!! I guess I’m just a slacker and that’s all their is to it. lol I was able to visit a Panera Bread when I was in Florida and thought of you. Also thought of you when I saw a thing on TV about Cheesecake Factory. We’ve just got to get together soon so I can return to one of those places again. lol You know how I love my food. 🙂

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Kari Hayes wrote on March 24, 2009 - 8:41 pm
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