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a rainy day…

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I headed to Norman to take Isabelle to the orthotist this morning.  When we arrived about forty minutes later it was beginning to rain!  This orthotist is really great.  He is so much more knowlegable than the past orthotists we have gone to.  Izzy’s AFO on her left foot was causing some pressure spots that until last week had just been red spots.  She woke up (I think last Tuesday) with a black spot on her foot.  We stopped the AFO’s at that point to let the spot heal and then made an appointment to have the splints adjusted.  I could see that the pressure was coming from two bolts used to make the tension on the sides of the afo.  The orthotist agreed and is going to redo the afo and move the bolts to the bottom of the foot away from that bony area.  We will give the foot a week or so to completely heal.  I’ve been told it’s best to err on the side of caution to avoid a pressure sore that would keep her from being able to wear her AFOs for a longer time.  So… she is very close to measuring up to having casts made for the day time AFO’s which has been our original goal from the beginning.  The plan now is to call for an appointment one month out from the day we put splints back on to schedule the fitting/casting to have them made.   I talked to Gary about the SWASH, Camilla was wondering if it needed adjustments made, but he checked it and based on the position of her hip bone felt it was still good.  I asked him to order replacement cuffs and parts so it can be switched to wash.  He is going to mail those parts along with her corrected AFO so we don’t have to go back to pick them up. 

I think Izzy is the only one of the kids missing school this week.  I explained to her that this is spring break and she would be going back next week.  She really does seem to enjoy school.  She wasn’t thrilled with her time in the kid walk yesterday.  She didn’t complain too much, but she just wasn’t thrilled. 


Emelia enjoyed driving by the University of Oklahoma stadium… we can’t pass up a chance to grab some to-go pasta from my all time favorite Victoria’s Pasta.  Yummy.  Thanks to Matt’s mother, Emelia is a fan of OSU (black and orange) but was still impressed with the OU campus.  We parked in front of a yoga studio and emelia discreetly watched and snapped pics with her phone.  She was impressed by their limberness… We saw many interesting sites while in Norman. 


I was sad to hear about the death of actress Natasha Richardson.  There is so much unknown about the brain and brain injuries.  There are so many children who have suffered near drowning accidents and may have the same injury but the results are very different.   The doctors can replace organs, make artificial limbs, knock out infections… but when the brain is involved they have a huge ?.  This has caused us to place all our hope regarding Izzy’s healing into God’s hands.  He is the great healer.

It is really warming up here in Oklahoma.  Yesterday it was in the 80’s.  The rain has cooled it off a little, but it definitely feels like spring!  I’m going to have to do some shopping for Iz.  All her cute outfits are long sleeved and long pants.  Well, all but two 🙂 !  She’s grown so much over the past year I doubt she’ll be able to wear last years warm weather clothes.  She is really getting chunky legs and arms.  Her feet seem to be growing too.  I put her little tennis shoes on yesterday to get into the kid walk and they were too small.  Her feet have been small in relation to her body probably because she isn’t walking on them.

Tuesday night I was walking outside and stepped down off the deck wrong and fell. It was funny, a yell escaped my lips before I realized and I just knew Matt (who was in the den) would come rushing out to check on me. I sat on the ground gaining my composure, ready for my rescue (didn’t happen)… and so then got up and hobbled in the house. I said, “did you hear me scream?” He said, “no.” I said, “I thought you’d come rushing out to help me.” and his reply was, “sorry, I didn’t hear anything.” Oh well, it seemed like a minor fall until this morning. I’m glad I didn’t need a shoulder pain pump. I woke up with a very sore foot. My ankle feels strained and the bottom of my heel feels bruised or something, making it very hard to walk. My hip on the same side I fell on has a huge gorgeous black and blue bruise on it. Lovely. I’m a mess.

top ten tuesday ::::::::::: my favorite green things

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day… which only means “wear green or get pinched” to me and not even that since I’m a grownup.  I do love green though.  It’s almost my favorite color.  I think it ranks about third, or fourth on the list of favorite colors.  White, Pink, Black, then GREEN.  When you finish here go visit Izzy’s blog… I added her progress report this morning! 

Here are ten of my favorite green things in no particular order…

1.  My birthstone. Peridot.

2.  Money. Duh.


3.  grass and stuff…

4.  guacomole! YUM.


5.  Matt’s eyes… (they are very pretty green with specks of brown.)


6.  broccoli!


7.  these.


8.  Although it’s not my favorite gum… it’s mom’s favorite so I’ll include it (I’m running out of green things).


9.  green lights.  (green means GO!)


10.  (finally!)  For some reason my IE has “not responded” three times while trying to post this!!! But I am persistant! I have to finish some postings like this for Argentina travel.

iced green tea at Panera Bread!



If you want to share your top ten list about anything… visit my pal OHAmanda!

it’s monday…

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

The weekend is coming to a close… I normally look forward to Monday because it means nice quiet mornings and getting things done.  This week is Spring break.  I actually like having the kids home and the relaxed break from school.  Bailey has a friend who moved to Texas that is coming to stay a few days tomorrow.  Emelia is recuperating from a birthday weekend and let me tell you … she needs sleep!   I took the girls (and Bailey) to a late night 3D viewing of Coraline at the theater.  I wasn’t looking forward to it.  At all!  But it was actually pretty good and the 3D was cool.  It wasn’t the red and blue glasses where things fly at you, it was more just overall 3D.  I think Bailey and I enjoyed it more than the girls! 

Izzy got her “report card” last week. On her IEP she has made some great gains in the last few months.  I think I mentioned meeting Melanie, Izzy’s teacher and vision therapist, for lunch last Wednesday to discuss Izzy’s plan for next school year… I have been noticing some cool things with Iz lately.  It’s really hard to explain if you don’t experience it firsthand, but she is definitely more “here.”  Melanie mentioned that she enjoyed her weekly reader this week.  She gets a huge version of the weekly reader.  We looked at it together and talked about the animal sounds.  She was most interested in the piglet.  We read her library book.  It was a really fun book and we both enjoyed it!  Today I tried to get her to nap with me and she just wasn’t having it… so I sat up and sat her up in front of me and she was very happy.  When it was time to take the kids to play practice I took her to matt and had him sit with her.  They were happy together for a while.  I came home and decided to do a little trim painting (random)… and then headed back to church. 


Matt has been wanting to start a garden.  A square foot garden.  We went to Lowe’s Saturday morning and got wood and seeds.  Bailey helped him build the boxes for the (two) 4′ x 4′ gardens.  We got all kinds of stuff to plant.  Should be fun.  I just hope it grows 🙂 …  He’s been really researching it a lot so maybe it will? 

::::::::::::::::::Monday now 🙂 :::::::::::::::::::::

I fell asleep there last night… It’s a nice, quiet Monday morning!  I heart monday mornings!  Even Spring Break Monday mornings.  I have already tackled several to-dos!  Unfortunately there are many many more calling my name today. 

to do…

clean front room
reorganize china cabinet
clean glass
clean bathrooms
change sheets
get Easter tub out of attic
do post for cerebral palsy.

My menu plans for the week…

Monday: leftovers re-baked chicken spaghetti or turkey & dressing
Tuesday: beans & cornbread
Wednesday: frito chili pie
Thursday: FF kosher hot dogs with chili & baked chips
Friday: chicken curry in a hurry…

Chicken Curry in a hurry!

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 small yellow onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 14.5-ounce can diced tomatoes, drained (optional)
  • 1 rotisserie chicken
  • 2 cups cooked white rice (optional)
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves, roughly chopped
  • Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-low heat. Add the onion and cook, stirring occasionally, for 7 minutes. Sprinkle with the curry powder and cook, stirring, for 1 minute.

    Add the yogurt and cream and simmer gently for 3 minutes. Stir in the salt, pepper, and tomatoes (if using). Remove from heat.

    Slice or shred the chicken, discarding the skin and bones. Divide the rice (if using) and chicken among individual bowls, spoon the sauce over the top, and sprinkle with the cilantro.

    two years ago…

    Thursday, March 19th, 2009

    I wrote a menu plan Monday on my blog…


    March 5, 2007

    I think this is the 6th week I am doing the menu plan Monday, hosted by Organizing Junkie. The best thing about this meme and the slow cooker Thursday meme is the enormous amount of recipes I am accumulating. It is so exciting (I guess I need to get a life :o) . I am going to try a few new recipes this week and am listing them. I am hoping that I can reference where I found them, thank you to everyone in advance… I did make a couple of good things this weekend. I tried Sandra‘s breakfast crock pot casserole. It was great to wake up Saturday morning to breakfast ready! I also made a chocolate chip bundt cake from In the Kitchen. It really reminded me of those big chocolate chip muffins that are so good. This cake was gone in a day!
    I like all the organization tips too, and have organized my car… laundry area (sorted a zillion socks)… junk drawer… freezer…
    Here’s my menu for the week…

    Monday: Golden Artichoke Bake, corn on the cob, rolls

    Tuesday: Sesame Chicken, rice, broccoli

    Wednesday: Make ahead spinach manicotti, green beans with new potatoes, garlic toast

    Thursday: Curry Chicken, corn, rice

    Friday: Sloppy Joe’s, tater tots…

    Saturday: Chinese take out!!! (it’s tradition :o)

    Sunday: San Fransisco Pork served over cooked rice, green beans with new potatoes

    I’m not sure at this point how much these recipes make or how much will be leftover. If there is a lot they may cover two meals. If so some of these menu items may be seen again next week!

    It’s weird to go back and read old blog posts.  I remember that cake and how good it was.  I never made it again, completely forgot about it!  The only recipe I have made more than once is the curry chicken and it’s been a while since I made it… 

    I was thinking about the blog this morning.  I used to always set my clock to memes like menu plan monday and slow cooker thursday.  I haven’t written a real menu on the blog for a while…  I guess my thought was who wants to read another menu, right?  But looking back and remembering the original purpose of blogging I realized that the menus were for me.  And they helped me.  So, maybe I’ll start being more diligent and write them out. 

    The other purpose was to have a journal.  I can use my blog to remember when something happened.  There’s not much anonymity on this blog… most people who know me know that I have a blog.  It comes in handy in a few areas of life… like with Izzy.  Melanie and Camilla check in enough to know what’s going on in her life and can talk to her about those things while she is at school.  With Paula, Matt’s mom, she lives in Tulsa but can keep up with our lives by checking in on the blog from time to time… Even my own mother checks the blog to see what’s up and I talk to her several times a day. 

    A lot of blog friends have shifted to facebook.  Combine that with tons of other friends who didn’t blog and people from almost every area of my life all together in one spot… it’s pretty cool to see so many people’s lives through status updates or loaded pics.  Not really any long entries or blogging, so it’s quicker and less personal… but fun still.  I have read several posts by people trying to decide whether or not to continue blogging after discovering the convenience of facebook.  For now my plan is to keep up the blog, for me if not for any other reason.  For days like today to be able to look back two years ago and see that I made a chocolate chip bundt cake and that we really liked it.  I would not have remembered that if I didn’t have a blog!   And that last year at this time I was preparing for Emelia’s tenth birthday party.   Reading that post reminded me that we made cute flip flops for a craft at her party and about that big HM balloon that wouldn’t stop singing… and the look on her face when she opened her birthday gift .. a pink cell phone! 

    What I want to remember from today is that Emelia missed the bus.  I told her I heard the bus and she didn’t “believe” me.  I want to remember that in the last week of her ten year old life she was as stubborn as ever and I didn’t get mad.  I remember a dream about Vegas vacations. I want to remember that I scooped Izzy up barely awake and while we usually spend quiet mornings until time to get Isabelle ready for school we drove Emelia and had a nice conversation.  I want to remember that she is the most tenacious little girl I have ever met!  That she embodies the boldest parts of Matt and my personalities and that while that may not always be a great combination, it works for her and she is Emelia through and through. 

    I want to remember that Amanda and I filled out the housing application for OU and that it won’t be long before we are moving her into a dorm room. 

    I want to remember how Bailey comes in my room every morning before 7 and sits beside me in bed and talks to me before he goes to school. 

    So that’s my plan, to write down life… so I remember it all!