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finally home *** alternative title *** i heart my bed!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

I got as far as the title last night and that was about it!  This week has been full… Monday I had an appointment in the city with my friend Jacki and her son (and the owner of the spill plan co. I have been doing work for)… we met and then ate on the canal in bricktown.  That water is gross.  The food at the Bourbon Cafe wasn’t too great either.  But, served as a good weight loss product… since I didn’t eat much of it 🙂 .  I “raced” home and reheated the pork roast I made Sunday for bbq sandwiches.  

Tuesday I was finally able to go to lunch with my forever friend Melody.  I haven’t seen her in a while (since I highlighted her hair last) and  she had a whole list of places that she wanted to go to in the city.  So, we tried a place I was skeptical about.  It was wonderful.  I wouldn’t mind having that right now!  I had bbq brisket, mac and cheese, and corn bread.  That was the best mac & cheese I think I’ve ever had so it pretty much cancelled out the light eating from Monday.  We stopped on the way back to her office at a cute little cupcake place.  We each bought one cupcake to go.  I got one called ebony & ivory.  It was chocolate cake with white icing.  I ate one bite and gave it to Emelia.  It was tasty though.  Melody said she ate all of hers.  We both tasted a coffee flavor but it was subtle and didn’t taste bad (neither of us are coffee lovers).  After picking Izzy up and getting her fed I left for FLO.  I don’t know about you, but this time change has messed with me.  I was tired and maybe even a little cranky.  I enjoyed FLO as usual though! 

Wednesday I had plans to eat lunch and have a planning meeting with Isabelle’s teacher, Melanie.  We went to the golf course and had soup and sandwich (well, she had Greek salad).  I was surprised at how good it was.  Funny how close it is to me and I never knew they had anything but maybe burgers…  We were able to sit and talk for a while.  She has great goals for Iz and I am happy with the plans for her.  It is so great to have supportive, positive people who not only expect great things, but think out of the box to help those things happen.  I showed a pic of little N with Iz the other day.  N is a special little boy and Melanie shared his story with me yesterday.  I had heard parts of it, but not all of it.   I would love to share that story with you all sometime (I’ll check to make sure it’s ok first …)  It is truly a story of how God led this Cambodia born child to his family. 

In the evening I had a meeting with some people with the spill plan co. and was out until 9:30.  Too late!  It was such a busy afternoon/evening I realized when I got into bed that I hadn’t eaten dinner.  I thought about having a bowl of cereal but decided to skip it and just sleep! 

Cold and rainy here today!  Perfect weather to just stay in bed and sleep all day.  NO chance 🙂 … gotta get busy, tomorrow is Emelia’s birthday.  She is having a sleepover and we’ll be going to eat and see a movie.  I haven’t even shopped for her although it will be really easy because I know exactly what to get.  My plan is to go do that today while Izzy is at school. 

I was cleaning my laptop yesterday… just with a lightly dampened cloth.  After I finished half of the keys on the keyboard stopped working including space and enter!  ugh.  I took it apart and checked to see if the keyboard was somehow unhooked, but it wasn’t.  So I will be ordering a replacement keyboard and hope that fixes it.  For now I have a USB keyboard connected.  What a pain, but it could be worse and at least I can still use my computer.

50 years.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

The 50th Anniversary Party for my parents went really well.  Almost perfect.  The weather was beautiful.  The place we had the party looked beautiful.  It was all really really nice.  My parents renewed their vows.  It was really sweet.  A lot of people showed up which was great. 

Here’s a pic of mom and dad … aren’t they cute?


Here’s one of some of us …


Instead of a guest book… I got this frame and had this mat cut for signatures.  I thought it turned out really pretty.


This was in the entrance ….



I love them… I’m glad they had a special day.

cat in the hat

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Isabelle’s teacher (Melanie) spends her mornings with this cute little guy at another school in our area.  He is blind.  What a character this little guy is!  He loves Izzy and calls her the “girl.”  We spent the afternoon at his school today because Cat in the Hat aka the principal flew in on a helicopter to surprise the students, read them a story, and give them each a book.  Here is N pushing Izzy outside to watch for the helicopter.

The helicopter is landing.  They are listening (it was so loud) and looking at the helicopter.


There is the Cat/principal… (her hub was the helicopter pilot).  They landed just beside the school.


We all came into the gym for a book read by the CAT.


Izzy liked the Cat and enjoyed the story. They gave her an extra special book and she really looked at the pictures!  They gave N a brail book and he was so proud of it.  His para said the first thing he does when he gets a book now is rub the cover to see if it is in brail. 


It was a nice warm day here… I finished the tier 2 stuff finally at 1 a.m. this morning.  I woke up about six with a headache, but thank goodness I feel fine and got a lot done today including this fun field trip! 

Some things about the day to remember … the little first graders in N’s class filed in one by one introducing themselves to Isabelle.  They each commented about something they liked… like her bow or bracelet.  Their teacher had shown them her video riding the bike so many told her they liked her bike.  Then they took turns telling knock-knock jokes!  So cute!  … I was able to sit and have a sandwich with mom and dad before I went to the school.  Today is their actual fiftieth anniversary! Now all I have to do is finish some posts like this for keyman insurance.