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fave five

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Last week it was all about shoes… While shoes are still in the front of my mind, I’ll move on and not be repetitive…

  1.  Don’t you just love watching your kids sleep?  I mean not just watching them, but seeing their little sweet faces looking so innocent and pretty.  I took this picture of Izzy sleeping, so peacefully.  Look at her little hands.  izzysleeping.jpg
  2. Boys! To be more specific,  my boy!  Bailey asked if he could have a few friends over for a sleepover.  Outside! He was shocked that I said yes instantly without thought.  We spent last Saturday emptying a storage building to make room for some things that will hopefully find their way there this weekend but Bailey saw the open building as  a perfect place for a campout!  I had to laugh when the boys spent hours running extension cords, taking portable heaters, television, games, movies, and food all out.  It got colder as the sun disappeared and I didn’t think they would last as long as they did.  They came in shortly before midnight.  This was after watching the movie, making a camp fire, roasting marshmallows, and drinking an entire case of coke.  Boys… you gotta love them! (the sweetest part was that Bailey allowed Emelia, his 10 year old sister, to tag along.)
  3. This new thin wallet!  When I bought my coach purse in Florida I bought the matching wallet.  What I didn’t realize was that the wallet was big and bulky and hard to get in and out of my purse… I found this (well, almost… mine has hot pink trim) slim wallet that is so cool!
  4. This shaving cream. I love it. I first bought the coconut and loved it, this time I got the raspberry mist.
  5. Blogging! I heart my bloggy buddies!  KC gave me this today! Thanks KC!  Some of my first blog friends were JennaG, Stacy, Carrie (doesn’t blog anymore but I keep up with her on facebook), Haley, Sheryl, Irene, Sonya, Judi, and Karen!

That’s my five.  Visit Susanne for more fave fives!