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fave 5

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

It’s all about the shoes… Anyone watching the real housewives of Atlanta?  (OhAmanda?)  Anyway, this lady had a shoe salesman in her home and she bought four or five pairs of shoes totaling $6500!  I can’t even imagine.  The shoes that have adorned my feet for the last six months have looked a lot like this… my no. 1 shoe!

  1. They may be different colors, but flip-flops have ruled my feet.  Iheart them. As a result, with the colder weather my toes aren’t actually cold but I feel like we are moving out of flip flop weather. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind wearing them year round. If you think about it they really are the perfect shoe. You can slip them on and off easily. I usually leave them at the door because it is gross to think about walking all the public germs through the house… but I saw these shoes earlier today and love them! My no. 2 fave for today…
  2. They are bjorn. andonly34.99!  But only available in my size 10 at Rack Room Shoes in Tulsa USA.  While it is in my state, I can’t see myself driving 90 miles for a pair of shoes, even shoes this cute!
  3. I got these babies yesterday at PaylessShoes.  It’s BOGO so they weren’t lonely :)… which brings me to my #4 fave for this friday, their partner mr. brown shoe.
  4. Cuter on than in the picture.  But comfortable… not as much as flip-flops, but close.  If I can just keep them from the girls who happen to share my shoe size (almost)…
  5. How do you think I’ll look in these?  I won’t!  These I got for Amanda’s costume.  She is going to be Marie Antoinette… and I thought these looked perfect for that!  I did get these too (because they needed a BOGO friend) for Izzy… but they are too big!  So I’ll have to make a return appearance to Payless.   All her fallish dress shoes are too little, actually almost all her shoes are too little all of a sudden!  I got these in a 12, but will exchange for an 11.  I still would like to get these for her!!!I love Lelli Kelly!!! So cute!!!

That’s my five.  Visit Susanne for more fave fives!

would you eat this?

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Here are the instructions:

1. Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2. Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3. Put in red any items that you would never consider eating.
4. Optional extra: Post a comment here linking to your results.
The VGT Omnivore’s Hundred:

1. Venison
2. Nettle tea
3. Huevos rancheros
4. Steak tartare
5. Crocodile (I’m counting Alligator, which I’ve had several times!)
6. Black pudding
7. Cheese fondue
8. Carp
9. Borscht
10. Baba ghanoush
11. Calamari
12. Pho
13. PB&J sandwich
14. Aloo gobi
15. Hot dog from a street cart (Nothing like ’em!)
16. Epoisses
17. Black truffle
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes
19. Steamed pork buns
20. Pistachio ice cream
21. Heirloom tomatoes
22. Fresh wild berries
23. Foie gras
24. Rice and beans
25. Brawn, or head cheese (Ew!)
26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper
27. Dulce de leche (Oh yeah, baby!)
28. Oysters
29. Baklava
30. Bagna cauda
31. Wasabi peas
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl
33. Salted lassi
34. Sauerkraut
35. Root beer float
36. Cognac with a fat cigar
37. Clotted cream tea
38. Vodka jelly/Jell-O (in college!)
39. Gumbo
40. Oxtail
41. Curried goat
42. Whole insects
43. Phaal
44. Goat’s milk
45. Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more
46. Fugu
47. Chicken tikka masala
48. Eel
49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut
50. Sea urchin
51. Prickly pear
52. Umeboshi
53. Abalone
54. Paneer
55. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal
56. Spaetzle
57. Dirty gin martini
58. Beer above 8% ABV
59. Poutine
60. Carob chips
61. S’mores
62. Sweetbreads
63. Kaolin
64. Currywurst
65. Durian
66. Frogs’ legs
67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake
68. Haggis
69. Fried plantain
70. Chitterlings, or andouillette
71. Gazpacho
72. Caviar and blini
73. Louche absinthe
74. Gjetost, or brunost
75. Roadkill (Deer that’s been accidentally run over)
76. Baijiu
77. Hostess Fruit Pie
78. Snail
79. Lapsang souchong
80. Bellini
81. Tom yum
82. Eggs Benedict
83. Pocky
84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant.
85. Kobe beef
86. Hare
87. Goulash
88. Flowers
89. Horse
90. Criollo chocolate
91. Spam
92. Soft shell crab
93. Rose harissa
94. Catfish
95. Mole poblano
96. Bagel and lox (What’s a Saturday morning without this?)
97. Lobster Thermidor
98. Polenta
99. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee
100. Snake

And YOU ?

I’ve been tagged… you are now tagged too!

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I was tagged by KC

So I took care of rule #1 already and I guess the picture takes care of rule #2.. Now to try to think of 7 random facts about myself that I haven’t already blogged about…doubtful!

  1. I like coke.  Real coke.  No diet stuff eva!
  2. I could crunch sonic ice all day long.
  3. I like to make my bed in the morning.
  4. In spite of my tall stature, I enjoy a good pair of heels… even if they do make me 6’5″.
  5. My Dad and I used to play Mario every night until past bedtime.  I got really good at winning and getting the princess.  Bailey tries to get me to play his PSP and get to that level for him but I refuse.  Not because I don’t enjoy a good game of Mario,  but because if I start playing I might get hooked and I don’t have time for anything else!
  6. I buy cases of styrofoam cups at sam’s club. It is the hugest box ever and takes up a lot of space in my pantry.  I like the cups best so I sacrifice the space.  Not very environmentally friendly.
  7. To make up for #6 I carry those black bags into walmart for groceries.  The checkers actually act irritated about it half the time and don’t like using them because they don’t fit well on their little turn bag holder thingies.  I use them anyway. Check out these Callaway irons….

I tag:

  1. Gail
  2. Susan
  3. Haley
  4. Jenileigh
  5. Julie
  6. Karen
  7. You!

Oh… here’s a pic of the new hair.  It happens to look very similar to the “old” hair 🙂


Just shorter bangs and new highlights.

Oh! One more thing! Emelia (who is still 10 btw) decided she’d like to be a pirate for halloween… This pirate!


I’m thinking about this for Izzy…

wordy wednesday

Sunday, October 19th, 2008


Today is day one of Fall break.  It is a perfect start to the Fall break… it was 53 degrees and rainy when I left home at 11:30 a.m. to get my hair done.  53!  Love the cooler weather.  Of course I dressed appropriately in shorts and a t-shirt… and flip-flops.  I wanted to really FEEL the cold weather.  I felt it.   So yeah, I got my hair done.  Just more blonde highlights and trimmed.  Nothing major.  I’ve been clipping on my bangs so it’s good to have them done right.  It’s hard to cut your own bangs, or it is for me anyway.  I have trouble doing it in the mirror and have trouble taking the scissors the right direction.  Scary!

All the kids were home all day.  Matt went to work.  We stayed in except for my solo trip to do hair.  It was just too cozy inside to go anywhere and we have food so no reason to make any food runs.  Emelia helped me make a huge batch of tuna salad.  8 cans of solid white tuna (can’t stand the other stuff… although I don’t eat it much anyway), a dozen eggs!, a small jar of sweet pickles, mayo, mustard, onions (dried), dill weed, salt & pepper.  Emelia chopped boiled eggs and pickles.  She likes to be a helper.  She also made earrings for me.  She likes to make jewelry.  They are pretty.  But really heavy black beaded hoops.  I tried to explain that they were dragging down my earlobes but she didn’t agree.  She thought they were light enough and is insisting I wear them to church tonight.  I’m hoping she is distracted in the next hour and forgets.  I think I would have whiplash.

I went to FLO last night.  The Biggest Loser didn’t record on TIVO.  Matt says he didn’t cancel it.  I am trying to believe him.  I heart that show so I was dissapointed this morning.  I watch the shows that record the night before early in the morning while I am feeding Izzy breakfast.  Today we had to watch the news.  Funny, none of “my” shows recorded last night!   Speaking of believe… my secret sister (from church) gave me a big believe stamp and stamp pad.  So cute.  Anyway, dad was here while I was looking at it so when he leaned over the therapy table to kiss Izzy I stamped him.  Right on the back… so my daddy has a believe tr@mp stamp.  Then I got Emelia and Amanda.  It’s washable. Chill out.  Emelia laughing said, “well if I lean over at school and my shirt comes up a little at least they’ll get a message.”  I’ll be having fun stamping “believe” all over the place.  BEWARE 🙂

photo meme

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Saw this over at Sandra‘s, Michelle‘s, and Barb‘s blogs…

The instructions are these:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.

* Pray that you remember the details.

* Tag 5 others.

So here we go, the Sixth Picture Folder is…


It’s mom and dad… on dad’s birthday… at lunch at the Cowboy Hall of Fame!

I’m not tagging anyone because I wasn’t technically “tagged,” … but you should do it too! Really!