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Sunday, October 12th, 2008

week in review text

Week’s Weather… windy and semi-warm!

Sunday Sermon…I spent my morning in the cry room with iz.  I heard bits and pieces of the lesson…

Life lessons…

Favorite Meal(s)… grilled bbq pork chops with hash browns! yum.

Treasured Moment(s)… riding the hay ride with izzy, walking with matt, driving to pv with mom.

Simple Pleasures… sleep!

Talked with… a lot of family members at the family reunion!

Impacting News

    World… world bank protecting developing nations from turmoil

    National… sick of election stuff.

    Local… nothing major


Things I Read… finished eclipse! starting on the shack…

Movies We Watched…none!

Interesting Internet…

Places We Went … family reunion!  Tons of relatives there.  

Budget Savers/Busters… gas is below 2.50 now!

Blessings… great support at izzy’s school.

Challenges… church.

Accomplishments…did all the things I needed to do this week.

Family Happenings … reunion! My mother’s family is pretty large.  They gathered Saturday for a reunion and there were a lot of faces I didn’t even know, but a lot of faces I was glad to see again.  Mom’s dad is getting older so it was good to see him and for everyone to see him.  My nieces Toni and Candace came with their kids too.

Tried Something New… rode the barrel train at the corn maze/pumpkin patch with izzy!



Me & mom at the reunion…


candace (holding gabbie),nick and joey, levi, toni with blake and mom and emelia…

They tried to take pics of all the families represented.  There were so many people there it was pretty crazy :)…


Me and izzy on the barrel train riding around the pumpkin patch.


izzy’s teacher Melanie hiding in the corn 🙂