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monday morning meme

Monday, October 6th, 2008


Karen from WriteFromKaren has started a new meme, appropriately titled the ‘Monday Morning Meme’. It’s a lot of fun – won’t you join in?

1. Do you have certain times of the day when you have to have things done? Does your day run on a timetable? Or are you more of a laissez-faire kind of person? Julie and I were just talking about this same thing this morning… I do follow a schedule most days that I stick pretty tight to.  Mornings I get things picked up, make beds, do laundry, start dinner plans… get izzy ready for school by noon and feed her, take her to school…

2. What one word describes you on a good day? happy
What about on a bad day? quiet
What one word would your best friend use to describe you? efficient
What one word would your significant other use to describe you? sexy 🙂

3. Your blog is being made into a television show. What kind of show will it be? Sit-com? Drama? It would be a comedy! How long is it? Hour? Half-hour? Sunday night movie? an hour!
And most importantly, who are your show’s sponsors? 

4. What is your favorite perfume or cologne?I have a few… Laugh by Brighton, Sung, and Lovely by Sara Jessica Parker.
How often do you wear perfume or cologne?
all the time!
Has anyone ever told you smelled good/bad? everyone always tells me I smell good.
If so, how did that make you feel? Flattered? Self-conscious? Uncomfortable? good! I like to smell nice.