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know & tell

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

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It’s that time a week again! Know and Tell Friday. Here are the questions!

1. Do you have fake plants in your house? Do you like them? No.  I don’t have any fake plants… I have some fake mums in the front room with pumpkins.  I have seen pretty fake plants that would be good to hide mobile routers. 

2. What is the oldest piece of furniture you have that is not an antique? Describe it. Probably the white dresser in Emelia’s room… it was mine when I was a little girl.

3. Do you have any antiques? Yep.  we have several things that were Marmar’s (matt’s grandmother) probably the oldest would be a trunk that was her father’s…

4. What type of dishes do you use? China, stoneware, Corelle, Tupperware, paper plates? mostly paper plates.  Stoneware… we have dessert rose but they don’t get used much.

5. What is your favorite thing in your house? my laptop.

6. Do you like to use lamps or overhead lighting? I hate overhead lighting! Hate!  I love lamps and prefer dim lighting.

7. Are you a pristine white wall person or do you love color? I like color on the walls… The only room in my house with white walls is the bathroom in the hall that has white beadboard… and I like it white because I can decorate for the season and change it a lot.  I think colors make the room warmer.  Our bedroom is a weird blue color that I really love. It matches a lot and can look purple when with purple or blue with blue.  It’s light enough that it is soft and comfortable.