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random 13 on thursday…

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
  1. Izzy woke up at 2ish (am) last night.  We rocked for about two hours. I’m not sure what the problem was, but was happy to get back to bed at 4ish.
  2. My head hurts.
  3. Matt and I walked again last night after we got home from helping Mike hang his flat screen over the fireplace at the new house…  We walked three laps which is about an hour, but we also stopped into mom and dad’s house and visited for a minute and so we were walking over an hour and a half… but the night walks are so nice.  I probably say, “Matt look at the stars.” at least five times a walk!
  4. I am caught up on laundry.  Until I go pick up Emelia’s room! UGH.  Overall the house is tidy which is nice.  I even cleaned the kitchen faucets
  5. .

  6. Matt took off again to help my brother.
  7. My head still hurts.  Probably from lack of sleep!
  8. I am not sure what I’ll do while Iz is at school this afternoon.  Probably run by and check on the movers and then go to the store.
  9. I’ve been a lousy blogger lately.
  10. My highlights need to be touched up and my bangs need a trim.
  11. Matt loves the new walking shoes I bought for him!
  12. Izzy’s teacher wants to do a field trip next Friday to a corn maze/pumpkin patch.  Sounds fun.
  13. I need to find some cute and comfy black mary janes for izzy for fall.
  14. I am burning three candles right now and they all smell so good.  (maybe not helping the headache though).

wordy wednesday

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008


Humpday again.  Funny how humpday doesn’t carry as much weight when you aren’t in school and you aren’t eleven years old and you aren’t longing for Saturday so you can sleep until your eyes open… or until your mom insists you get up and dust the furniture.  That was my Saturday job.  All my life!  I dusted the furniture, cleaned the glass, and cleaned the baseboards.  It’s a joke around mom’s house that those baseboards haven’t been cleaned since I left home, although she does enlist the help of my kids when she can talk them into it pay them enough. The house had to shine before we could do anything fun on Saturday.  This wasn’t hard because our house was always clean to begin with, but chores were just no fun!  The other rule was that no one relaxed in the evening until the kitchen was clean.  I have gone so wrong with my child raising in this area.  I am the one left with the messy kitchen… and cleaning on the weekends while my kids are off having fun.  What is wrong with me and why didn’t I learn from my childhood?  I did have a convenient digestive system that was always in place when it was time for the dishes to be washed.  I can’t remember a night at home that I didn’t fix the glasses and set the table though…  it was definitely a group effort.  Me and mom were the group.  Mike (brother) didn’t mind helping too much.  He liked to cook.  Still does in fact.  The weird thing was his food combinations.  He spiced up a can of spaghettios to the point of making them unedible!  He has a severe aversion to eggs so he liked making them for others.  Me.  He didn’t realize omelets needed to be cooked in the middle.  Mike has come a long way in the cooking area and is now the cook for his little family of four and does a great job.  He can make a delish pecan pie!  We usually swap out food, it goes like this:  mike will say, “what are you bringing to dinner?”  I’ll say, “spinach dip, or corn casserole.”  He’ll say, “I’ll make you a pie if you make extra.”  and I do and he does and we swap.  It is a good system!   I spent yesterday afternoon helping watching Mike move into his new house. Technically I did help a little, I assembled Katie’s daybed almost all by myself.  I put her dust ruffle on and put the laundry soap and stuff in the laundry room.  See, I did help.  Mostly I let my muscle man help.  He is a great lifter and he took the day off to lift heavy furniture.  They got almost all moved in.  Just bits and peices left to do today.  We came home at 9 p.m. and still went for a walk in the dark of the night.  It was really dark, with stars and everything!  Pinky was glad to see us and has gotten more and more friendly.  He runs (gallops) to the fence for nose petting when we walk by.  I heart that silly horse.  Now I’m off to write about treatments for acne.