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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

  • monday … jambalaya & garlic bread
  • tuesday … french dip sandwiches & chips
  • wednesday… spaghetti (mom’s request)
  • thursday … roasted chicken with veggies
  • friday … pizza!

Happy Monday!

I took Izzy to a new orthotist this morning in Norman.  He was recommended to me by Camilla (hi Camilla!).  He was very nice and I feel good about the course of action we have.  He seemed to know a lot more about pediatric orthosis than the last orthotist we visited and like everything else I felt like we were meant to be there.  I wonder why I’m always surprised when things work out in such a cool way?  You would think as many times as God has worked things out I would know not to be surprised?  I guess that’s human nature.  I’ll explain our plans later when I have more time to type.  I have to run to the store and get dinner started asap!  I also need to do a post for orovo detox reviews.

Amanda was a helper today and took Bailey to the orthodontist.  It’s tough having a child become an almost-adult and be a licensed driver, but it sure is nice when they can help out when you have appointments at the same time.  The bonus was I didn’t even ask her.  She just volunteered before I could try to reschedule one or the other.  I appreciate her taking Bailey!

Okay… remind me to tell you later about the orthotist plans and about the video Melanie showed me of Izzy with the crayons.  Very cute!  Me & Izzy are really blessed to have Melanie & Camilla around!  They’re the bestest!