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wordy wednesday…

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Wednesday again.  It was a long weekend.  Matt was off Friday – Monday and then came home for a while Tuesday to eat and check on some things.  It’s hard to get anything done when the “man” is around huh?  It is for me!  I played catch up all day yesterday.  I started the day by making a pot of spaghetti sauce… dad gave me a bunch of red/purple/green/yellow peppers from his garden, so I sauteed some with garlic and onion, added some lean ground beef and tomatoes… I let it cook with Italian spices all day and then made some penne pasta.  It was done enough for amanda to have some for lunch  before heading to her college classes.  Later I mixed it together, covered with freshly grated parm and put it away until dinner.  I popped it in the oven with some garlic bread and dinner was a cinch!

Matt and I have been walking.  A lot!  Well maybe not a lot to most people, but it seems like a lot.  The weather is just great right now for getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.  We walked twice Monday and twice Tuesday.  About an hour each time.  I have to be creative with dinner to have that much time to just walk!  I love how Pinky (the horse) comes to the fence when we walk by to be petted… You know my trash aversion… well last night everyone had their trash rolled out so I spent the time trying to walk as far away from the trash containers as possible.  It is amazing to walk in the dark and look up at all the stars!  I had this song in my head… (if you listen, stay with it until past the halfway mark… and I couldn’t find many videos except church dramas like this one).

We came in and had a devo with the family before bed.  We even snuck in half of the biggest loser before sleeping.

We had a good devo last night and one of the questions was, “What do you want God to help you with?”  The kids all gave different answers…

Amanda said, “homework.”

Bailey said, “getting all my school work finished.” and

Emelia said, “helping a boy at school who is a sixth grader and doesn’t believe in God to believe in God.”

I thought it was good to hear their answers to all the questions and when I woke up early I had things to specifically pray for them because I knew what they were needing from God.  We end our devo (FAT-family altar time) by having a chain prayer.  Emelia always prays that we keep doing our FAT time.  They never protest when we say, “time for devo.”

I have Miki’s cabbage stuff in the crockpot… I hope I remembered her verbal instructions correctly… she said, “cut a head of cabbage into chunks, lay in bottom of pot (I put them in the crockpot); mix lean ground beef with rice and onions (I added salt, pepper and garlic), roll into meatballs and lay on top of cabbage… pour a can of tomato juice and a can of tomato soup on top…  I hope it’s  yummy.  I like cabbage rolls so this sounds like that without all the rolling cabbage…

I’m sleepy today.  Matt woke me up after midnight because I was kicking him… my legs were jerking probably from all the walking?  They do that from time to time and it is so annoying but I was sleeping through it.  He woke me up a few hours later when he had a bad dream to make sure all our guns were locked and secured.  I was irritated to say the least.  I love sleep!

Happy Wednesday! (Today is Kat’s birthday… Karen’s was Monday!)

my monday…

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Today I had lunch with my brother (Mike) and my parents. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday!

This was the view as we entered the Cowboy Hall of Fame…


This was my plate!!!


This picture was taken by my mean brother … he took my camera and snapped several bad pics of me…


Revenge is sweet 🙂


A tour guide took this for us as we were leaving.


After lunch I raced home… fed izzy… took her to school just in time to go with amanda to have her senior pictures taken… I took a few with my camera behind the photographer.  I didn’t do that while we were inside the studio… I think they are going to be great pictures! (yes. lorenzo came with her.  the studio pictures were of her alone.)



Tonight I made jambalaya for dinner.  It was so good!!!

Matt and I took a walk before and after dinner!  Two walks in one day!

After our second walk we had a family devo.

It’s been a good day!


Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

One of my family favorite recipes is chicken spaghetti… You can see the recipe HERE!

I just did a whole long post with recipes etc. and hit publish and it went away! UGH!

I don’t really have time to redo it all…


Monday … jambalaya (this turned out so good!!!) I’ll post the recipe soon!

Tuesday… spaghetti

Wednesday… cabbage and meatballs

Thursday… tuna on toast with chips

Friday … carryout!

Julie posted a cookie recipe yesterday.  I love good cookie recipes!