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Who’s your man?

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

I saw this meme over at Sandra’s place… she’s right, we do a lot of memes about our thoughts and stuff but not much about the hubs…


1. Who is your man?


2. How long have you been together?
Met in 1985.  Married in 1989.

3. How long dated?

four years.

4. How old is your man?


5. Who eats more? He does.  No doubt!
6. Who said “I love you” first?
He did

7. Who is taller?
Him, not by much though…

8. Who sings better?
Me.  Not by much though 🙂

9. Who is smarter?
Me.  Just kidding.  Kind of… He can win trivial pursuit and discuss things like politics and stuff I don’t care about… but I can beat him at a Sudoku match!

10. Whose temper is worse?

11. Who does the laundry?
I do

12. Who takes out the garbage?
He does.  Unless I do first.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
He does

14. Who pays the bills?
I do

15. Who is better with the computer?
For software and programming it’s me, for anything hardware and building and rebuilding etc, that’s him.

16. Who mows the lawn?
He does

17. Who cooks dinner?
I do

18. Who drives when you are together?

19. Who pays when you go out?
me.  with his money 🙂

20. Who is most stubborn?
me.  and him.

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
both of us.

22. Whose parents do you see the most? Mine.  they live a block away.

23. Who kissed who first?
It was a mutual thing

24. Who asked who out?
He asked me out

25. Who proposed?
He did

26. Who is the most sensitive?
He is.  for sure!

27. Who has more friends?

28. Who has more siblings?

29. Who wears the pants in the family?
He does.  Don’t tell him otherwise.  Please.

30. How did you meet?
At camp rock creek, on fourth of July.  At a picnic.

teacher’s note…

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Thought I would share the note for Izzy’s first week of school from her teacher.

August 13th, first day of school.

This week Izzy went to Mrs. Grissom’s classroom and visited friends Aden, Anna, and Emily. Izzy knew these three because they were in her class last year. They were happy to see her. Mrs. Grissom read a story and talked about the days of the week. By Thursday Izzy’s friends were beginning to ask a lot of questions about Izzy and her chair. I told them there were some very important things that Izzy and her mom would like for them to know. We talked about accidents and what that word means. That it is no ones fault, etc. Then I told them she had an accident in the water and that accident left her body not working in the same way theirs does. We discussed the importance of always staying away from water unless they are with their parents. We talked about what it means to be safe around water.

Next I explained all the ways Izzy is just like they are. I talked about how smart she is, how she likes hugs, toys, laughing, eating, friends, animals, going swimming, taking trips… we talked about how her heart is just like theirs and how she loves her family and friends. I explained that just because part of her body works differently than theirs that her eyes and ears are just fine and she can hear the kind of things they say and can see the things they want to show her. It went very well.

The first week of school we learned about the letter L. Last week we learned about the letter O and this week we are learning letter G. Next week it will be letter H. We talk about the letter, practice making it hand over hand. Listen to the sound it makes and try to make that sound and talk about upper case and lower case letters.

She seems to be more comfortable in her pink chair but we are using her purple chair for our academics when in our little room. It fits under the table we have for her and gives her great positioning to see what we are doing.

Izzy is doing her vision therapy with me and really seems to like looking at objects on the light box. We practiced counting, singing the alphabet and talk about the calendar. My goal is for Izzy to make choices in order to communicate her preferences for answers. Izzy shows me daily that she is paying attention and understands what I am asking her. She tries to look at what I request and will attempt to reach for what I present.

Wednesday is media day. We will be checking out books for her to bring home.

This week I will be introducing Izzy to our new talking Dora crayons! It should make art time fun!

Izzy is a sweet girl and I am very excited to have the opportunity to spend more time with her working and playing!

Melanie C…. 8/25/08

Izzy’s teacher Melanie, her para Michelle, her therapists Camilla and Margaret… they are all priceless…

wordy wednesday

Thursday, August 28th, 2008


It’s been a busy Wednesday morning around here!  Overall it’s going well… beds made (check), laundry done (check), dinner planned (check), Izzy fed breakfast (check), Izzy with foot splints (check), Izzy in stander 30 minutes (check)…  I have a big stack of CADs I need to work on in a minute and then it will be time to get Izzy to school! YIKES.

To update my review of the WEN product I mentioned… I’ve used it a few more times and I think it is getting better.  I still feel like my hair isn’t as clean as I like.  I normally use biolage which smells so clean to begin with and usually wash and wash again before using conditioner.  I like clean.  Anyway, this stuff smells pretty good, kinda minty.  It doesn’t lather.  At all.  It’s like putting conditioner on your hair.  But you leave it on for the whole time you shower (five minutes or more) and then rinse it off.  You use a lot.  It’s recommended that you use like 24 pumps of it minimum.  It’s hard to use so much of something that was $30 for a small bottle, but I’m giving it a fair shot.  I have had several people say my hair looks smoother than they have ever seen it.  It’s naturally curly and I prefer it straight.  I have been staightening it more and even with the normal humidity of Oklahoma it’s been staying straight without getting frizzy.  I am not sure yet… a)if I’ll re-buy… my hair is going to have to show drastic results to buy more or b) if it is going to drive me crazy feeling like my hair isn’t clean enough.  I’ll keep you updated, I know you are just on the edge of your seat! 😛

I marinated chicken yesterday to grill.  At 4:45 I went out to fire up the grill and noticed the flames were not very high.  Oops… time for a new bottle of propane.  Matt (usually) gets home at five and is hungry, more now that I’ve been starving limiting his portions.  So I opted for plan B which wasn’t a plan at all, but almost an entire pizza left in the fridge from the night before.  I put it in the oven to make it crispy again and fixed a spinach salad and broccoli on the side.  I put the chicken in the fridge because it’s better anyway if it marinates longer, right?  Then Matt calls to say he is working late.  Really late.  So, at 10 p.m. he got what resembled two slices of pizza but has turned into a cracker with dry cheese because it sat in the over (I did remember to turn it off – duh!) for hours & hours!  That’ll teach him to be late!  No not really, I just didn’t have a plan C… Well, I could have a plan C but by ten I wasn’t willing to do a plan C.  He didn’t complain.  He’s a saint.

I was looking through the folder that was sent home from school with Isabelle yesterday evening.  I didn’t read read everything but kinda glanced at everything and thank goodness I noticed the snack schedule!  She is the snack bringer for TODAY!   I had no idea.  She wasn’t on the schedule for last year in pre-k, probably because she doesn’t stay in the room during snack time and doesn’t always partake in snacks… but I don’t mind bringing them… just glad I know to bring them.  So some time before I take her which is only a couple of hours we have to run to the store and find something healthy.  I had bought some chewy fruit things at Sams that say 100% of daily vitamins… for snacks for the big kids.  I think it had about 50 packs inside and thought… I can take out 19 of those and send them.  They are healthy.  After reading the notes from the teacher it said “do not send chewy fruit or candy.”  Okay.  I’ll have to go to the store.  Izzy’s favorite snack is gogurt.  But, I doubt I’ll send that.  We’ll see.  Any suggestions (please don’t tell me to slice fruit! UGH)?

Okay, I’m out!  Too much to do to keep typing your ear off.  Have a great Wednesday!