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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

What is one thing you were convicted about when you were younger, but now being older and wiser you have changed your mind on that belief? Why? Or on the other side, what is one thing you may have not held a conviction on that you now do? Why?

I was raised in a very very conservative church.  I was convicted at an early age that religion was primarily about the laws that were found in the bible.  I always felt like I didn’t quite measure up and rarely felt the presence of God.  I was in church a minimum of three time per week.  Every week.

As I got a little older I questioned some of those rules or beliefs and was told why and accepted it.  Until Izzy’s accident.  I read the bible with new eyes and saw that there was much more to it than the laws.  The laws are important and I feel like God wants me to be an obedient daughter… but God is with us.  Here.  Every day.  He guides my life and helps me.

On a lighter note, as a child or even young adult I never felt convicted to make my bed… now I can’t stand to leave it unmade.  Why?  Probably because I grew up :)…

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