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week in review

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … !

Sunday Sermon … Why are you here? (walk in love)

Life lessons … Summer goes too fast.

Favorite Meal(s) We’ve been grilling something every night, it’s all great. Especially the grilled corn on the cob!

Treasured Moment(s)…Going shopping for books with Amanda, Izzy rolling over to give me a kiss.

Simple Pleasures… having all the beds made. smelling a yummy candle.

Talked with melody jana julie miki.

Impacting National News… olympics.

Personal made it through week 1 of school with the kids. They’re all happy.

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Bailey has started on the second book and is really pushing me! Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos nothing…

Places We Went Me & Amanda had lunch at City Bites, Me & Emelia had lunch at Chili’s…

Budget Savers/Busters savers/gas is down a little. I paid 3.34 a gallon! got two new (to me) chairs for the kitchen … they are so cute! at a little antique shop for $6 each!

Blessings: rain!

Challenges keeping up with everything, although it’s been going good this week… getting back on track with weight loss after a great week of birthday meals and desserts!

Accomplishments: Got my closet cleaned out! All the rooms are clean and organized at the same time and all the laundry is DONE! Cut 10″ off izzy’s hair for locks of love.

Family Happenings Me and Matt were rolling Izzy last night and then we put her on her tummy and I told her to roll over and give me a kiss (she hates being on her tummy) so she rolled over to let me kiss her… we did it a few more times and she rolled again. It was amazing to see her try so hard and be so intent on doing it! We did some assisted crawling and she did great with that too. We also did some kneeling on the bolster and indian sitting while playing with toys. She did great.