Look at this beautiful watch! I think it would look great on my wrist! I am in the market for a new watch. Mine dissapeared recently and I need to buy a new one! Have you heard of a watch brand named Ebel? In 1911, Ebel established their company as the “architects of time.” Like great architecture, Ebel watches are permeated with artistic sophistication and visionary inspiration. The varied collection of Ebel watches adopt Ebel’s signature design elements including sleek lines, streamlined curves and integrated cases and bracelets. Designed for practical use, Ebel watches incorporate comfort into style, merging technology with creativity to offer an appealing combination.

I like to have a watch with a black band for everyday too. I have a small black watch but being so tall I like to have a wider band and a bigger face. The watch I am wearing most days now is a bracelet style. It’s cute, but not as practical as I would like. I guess I should have asked for a watch for my birthday. What does your favorite watch look like? Do you shop online for watches or at a particular store. I have bought watches at a variety of places from Sam’s to online. The one I lost was given to Matt for his 10 year anniversary at AT&T. He chose a women’s watch for me.


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  1. You would faint if you saw all my watches! Actually, I’ll take a picture and blog it!

    It is ridiculous but I LOVE THEM. It’s a bit like the handbags and notebooks for me…

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