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locks of love. we did it.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Here she is… hair washed and brushed, ready to be measured and cut.

Sectioned and waiting for scissors… It has to be at least 10″ tip to tip. No colored hair or layered hair.

One down…

Pause for tears.


Swallow hard. another tear.

The new style, she seems pretty pleased with her hair!

Whew… that was harder than I imagined. I just hope it helps someone, somewhere.


piano restoration

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

We had a beautiful old piano. Yes, had. It needed to be restored. It looked very pretty, but didn’t sound so great. I always thought that I would get it tuned after the kids were old enough to know not to “bang” on it. They loved playing it and did often. I ended up donating it and it is in a special needs classroom. The kids there are enjoying it. We needed the space for Izzy’s therapy room. I now, as I’m getting older would love to take piano lessons… but don’t have a piano. Funny how life happens like that. Do you have an old piano you’d like restored? Lindeblad Piano Restoration has been in business for four generations. They even restore vintage Steinways! If you have a special piano you need to have restored check them out.