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week in review

Monday, August 4th, 2008

week in review text
Week’s Weather … It’s gonna be a hot one!

Sunday Sermon … the prodigal son…

Life lessons … hard work pays off!

Favorite Meal(s) Sticky chicken from Kim’s food blog!

Treasured Moment(s)…Amanda’s 18th birthday party; lunch with Kari; lunch with Miki; lunch with Melody.

Simple Pleasures bubble yum bubble gum, sonic ice, watering the flowers.

Talked with Kari IRL!… Melody… Jana.

Impacting News

National … anthrax!

Local… infant mutilated and killed by pet in backyard swing.

Personal Amanda turned 18!!! Matt passed final ministry exam!

Things I Read : still working on Twilight. Devos. Bible.

Movies/Videos none!

Places We Went panera with kari… old germany with miki… sante fe with melody… with matt to take his test!… and to the mall…

Budget Savers/Busters savers/gas is down a little. I paid 3.39 a gallon! tax free weekend at the mall! Got really good deals. NY & Co. 30 off 75 coupon. Bath & Body coupon.

Blessings: good health, good friends, family.

Challenges getting furniture organized!

Accomplishments: Got my room all redone! Lots of decluttering! did brother’s hair today and Ashley (a girl in my teen girl’s class) asked me if I could highlight and cut her hair. I did and it’s so cute. She spent the day with us Saturday. We grilled brats and sat by the pool.

Family Happenings Family party for the girl’s (amanda & izzy) birthdays…






cafe chat

Monday, August 4th, 2008

What is one thing that you absolutely love about friendships? Why? On the other side, what is one thing that you find absolutely difficult when it comes to friendships? Why?

I love having people to talk to… love hearing about their lives and families. I love meeting for lunch and talking and talking. It’s great to have someone to call when you have something good going on you want to share, or something bad you want to get another perspective about.

I love my internet friends. I love visiting their lives almost daily and having them visit me. It is so fun to finally meet a couple of those friends. It was like we had been friends for so long! It’s strange to explain to non-bloggers….but bloggy friends are great friends!

I guess the main difficulty I have with friendship is finding time to enjoy my friends. Julie was in town last week and I didn’t get to see her as much as I would have liked… Mendy called and left a message last week and I haven’t had a chance to call and talk to her yet. I did have lunch with Melody but hadn’t seen her in a long time. I haven’t seen Jana since her birthday in February. She even lives in Oklahoma! Laura and I have a standing lunch date because our birthdays are very close… but I haven’t seen her in a while either. I see my friends who go to church more often than anyone I guess. And then there are my friends who are in house… Matt and the kids. They are fun to be around. My mom and dad and brother Mike and his wife Terri are great friends too.



Monday, August 4th, 2008

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lost and found…

Monday, August 4th, 2008

I found a couple of kodak photo cd’s while looking for something else this afternoon. They were both from spring 2004. Right before Izzy’s accident. Here are a few…







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saturday memes

Monday, August 4th, 2008

~Words Ending in FUL ~ I Say You Answer~

1. Uneventful…you answer? sounds good to me!

2. Very Useful…you answer? an extra set of hands!

3. It’s Beautiful…you answer? my new organized room!

4. Tastes Awful…you answer? fruit!

Saturday 9: The Lazy Days of Summer

1. What is your favorite summer drink? duh! coke with sonic ice.

2. What is the best summer sport to play? anything in the pool.

3. What’s the best summer sport to watch? are there summer sports? really?

4. Do you like the ocean, the pool or the lake? pool. it has chlorine!

5. Some folks drink whiskey in the winter and gin, tequila (margaritas) or rum drinks in the summer. Does your alcohol of choice change? Nah. I don’t drink alcohol… I just stick with the coke.

6. What is your favorite summer song? anything off the “mama mia” soundtrack.

7. What was your best summer growing up? How old were you and why was it best? I don’t know. They were all fun!

8. Have you ever had a summer romance that you knew would end? Probably any of my church camp romances. They lasted exactly one week :).

9. How old were you when you first went skinny-dipping? Who were you with? Probably not until I was an adult and had my own pool…


logo shirts

Monday, August 4th, 2008

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