fill-ins 82!

Friday Fill-Ins #82

Here we go:

1. I believe whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger (duh!).

2. If you’re good at something, thank God for that talent.

3. Why so many people turning their faces away from God.

4. Something is out there, it’s just the dog.

5. If my life were a sitcom, it would be titled “my life as annie.”

6. Sitting on my back porch [if you don’t have one, use your imagination] I see the nicely mowed yard, the blue pool water, and the weed eater waiting for me to finish!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to Matt’s mom and aunt Jane Ellen coming for a visit, tomorrow my plans include Izzy’s sixth birthday! and enjoying John’s pasta for the birthday lunch and shopping… and jane ann’s hair and Sunday, I want to have amanda’s and Izzy’s birthday party!



3 Responses to “fill-ins 82!”

  1. yvonne says:

    #2 is so you–you are so wonderful and recognize where everything comes from, which is why I love visiting your blog ; )

    Hope the birthday parties go well and that your have a great weekend.

    yvonne’s last blog post..Has it Really Been 26 Years

  2. nancy face says:

    Parties sound like lots more fun than weed-eating! 😉

    nancy face’s last blog post..Yesss! Mulan is the bomb!

  3. Janet says:

    Happy Birthday to Izzy! Have lots of fun this weekend, thanks for playing 🙂

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