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Sunday, June 15th, 2008

With Bailey and Emelia at camp all last week… and Amanda working and out with Lorenzo, meal planning is different… and easy!
This week things will be more normal. We had a great Sunday. After church we ate leftover Chinese food and then napped for a long time! We planted the hostas that Matt’s mom brought down Saturday and worked outside for a while and then I ran the kids to Blockbuster. Bailey rearranged his room today. He also unloaded his suitcases from camp and I will spend the majority of my Monday doing laundry! We have our anniversary this week too!

Monday I plan to order the one topping large pizzas from Mazzios for $6 (monday special)…
Tuesday is our 19th Anniversary! I am not sure if we will go out this night, or if we’ll wait until the weekend. It will depend on Matt’s schedule. If we stay home I may grill some steak or something.
Wednesday I’ll put some chicken in the crockpot for an easy meal before church. *Happy Birthday Darla*
Thursday baked bbq chicken…
Friday either date night or carry out something?

My goals for the week are to help Amanda with a couple of projects in her room… get a new area rug for Bailey’s room… and start unloading and reorganizing Emelia’s room. I hope to paint it. Also need to empty out the pantry and reorganize it. I should have a few days before I get more CAD’s to do. (CAD’s btw are drawings of oil wells that I make into computer images on the computer for a spill plan.) 

That’s my plan. It is subject to change. Have a great Monday!

week in review (a new meme!)

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

My friend Sheryl has started a new meme! 

Week’s Weather   weird! hot, dry, humid, rainy, sunny, windy!  90ish.

Sunday Sermon     All about fathers.

Life lessons    – giving it all to God.  

Favorite Meal(s)  Chinese food on Fri. night!

Treasured Moment(s)  watching grown men have a water and potato gun fight! and enjoy themselves so much looking like little boys.  

Impacting News

    National     Meet the Press Anchor, Tim Russert dies of heart attack at age 58

    Local   Two little girls shot to death close to home while out for a walk.

    Personal  Bailey & Emelia spent the week at camp!  Izzy tried “kid walk.”

Things I Read   Bible, preparing for class.

Talked with  Amanda… with two away it left us a lot of quiet time to talk.

Places We Went  Panera for lunch with brother Mike, shopping with mom…

Blessings Kids home safe from camp, with lots of good stories and fun memories!

Challenges – Insurance and equipment.

Accomplishments – finished all the CADS I had to do.

Family Happenings – Father’s Day party at moms, Matt’s birthday party, Mom’s birthday party!

Photos  Love this pic of my brother Mike, enjoying the water gun fight!